172.101 TABLE PDF

Please use the Hazardous Materials Table published in the E-CFR (http://www. , 49 CFR Section ) for the currently updated. Symbols in the Hazardous Materials Table. .. Packing groups are designated in Column 5 of the section Table and indicate the degree of. 1, 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Table. 2, Symbols, Hazardous materials description and proper shipping names, Hazard class or Division, ID Numbers.

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Cartridges for weapons, blank or Cartridges, small arms, blank or Cartridges for tools, blank. Azido guanidine picrate dry. Battery lithium type, see Lithium batteries etc.

Aluminum smelting by-products or Aluminum remelting by-products. Calcium hydrosulfite, see Calcium dithionite. Adhesives, containing a flammable liquid. However, the entry in the Table reflects the preferred sequence. Air, refrigerated liquid, cryogenic liquid non-pressurized. Barium selenate, see Selenates or Selenites.

Alkaline earth metal amalgams, solid. Column 8B references the 172.1001 in part of this subchapter which prescribes packaging requirements for non-bulk packagings. Ammonium hydroxide, see Ammonia solutions, etc.


Articles, explosive, extremely insensitive or Articles, EEI. Argon, refrigerated liquid cryogenic liquid. Column 2 lists the hazardous materials descriptions and proper shipping names of materials designated as hazardous materials. Air bag inflators, or Air bag modules, or Seat-belt pretensioners, see Safety devices, electrically initiated or Safety devices, pyrotechnic.

Amatols, see Explosives, blasting, type B. Ammunition, smoke water-activated contrivanceswithout white phosphorus or phosphides, with burster, expelling charge or propelling charge, see Contrivances, water-activated, etc.

Amines, solid, corrosive, n. Cartridges for weapons, with bursting charge. Azido hydroxy tetrazole mercury and silver salts. Bombs, smoke, non-explosive, with corrosive atble, without initiating device. Cartridges power tablle used to project fastening devices. Ammunition, smoke, white phosphorus with burster, expelling charge, or propelling charge.

Calcium dithionite or Calcium hydrosulfite. Acetyl acetone peroxide with more than 9 percent by mass active oxygen.

49 CFR 172.101 – Purpose and use of hazardous materials table.

Butyl vinyl ether, stabilized. Antimony sulfide and a chlorate, mixtures of. Aluminum silicon powder, uncoated. Air, refrigerated liquid, cryogenic tabls. Aqua ammonia, see Ammonia solution, etc.


An alternate proper shipping name may txble selected when only domestic transportation is involved. An appropriate alternate proper shipping name and hazard class may be authorized by the Associate Administrator. Column 10A [Vessel stowage] specifies the authorized stowage locations on board cargo and passenger vessels.

Cases, cartridges, empty with primer. Arsenic chloride, see Arsenic trichloride. Ammonium nitrate emulsion or Ammonium nitrate suspension or Ammonium nitrate gel, intermediate for blasting explosives. Butyl alcohols, see Butanols. Acid, sludge, see Sludge acid.

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Battery-powered vehicle or Battery-powered equipment. Cartridges, actuating, for aircraft ejector seat catapult, fire extinguisher, canopy removal or apparatus, see Cartridges, power device. Batteries, dry, sealed, n. Cases, combustible, empty, without primer.