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Hard-rock miners, in particu. He is considered the prime sus- pect, hut has not been charged, in connection with the discovery of two women’s bodies at a Kansas farm he owns and three more in a Missouri storage locker that he rented. Pictured ore Hartwoll lofta fifth-degree block belt, socond-dogroo block bolt Robinson contor and fourth-dogree black belt BJ. OOO bu irMnan; ca Tu.

Judy Martz beat conserva- tive law professor Rob Nawlson.

There will also be banquets, bus tours to feud sites, blucgrass and gospel music, an arts and crafts festival and lectures about the feud and how it helped perpetu- ate stereotypes of the people of Appalachia. When he was broken at the end of the second set, his anger boiled over. The families say the goal is to learn about their shared history.

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Full text of “The Times News (Idaho Newspaper) “

Nearly players from across North America are participating in the hole tourney. Wash, defense lawyers argued. The Adamsons requested that their property be rezohed to allow construction of multiple- family dwellings. Game 5 ABC 7 p,m. The class is from Gooneratnc, the bomber, and 20 other people were killed, said the director of Kalubowila Hospital, Dr. Hanford Reach includes the last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia River in jhe United States, prime habitat for wildlife and depleted salmon runs.


Each of us is given a pocketful of time to spend however xtt may. Secretary of State Pete Cemurusa later said he could draw no con- clusions, but got a positive first impression of the agreement.

The government defines such material as all radioactive waste except spent nuclear fuel rods, highly radioactive waste from reprocessing reactor fuel’,- certain nuclear weapons- byproducts and uranium mill tailings. More importantly, he said he wants to put the name-calling, party-splitting primary battle, with Prosecutor Jeff Payne behind area Democrats.

But elderly people moke up just 33 percent of par- tidpants in cancer clinical trials. John Roberts, 9 Beans and a Burrito. I never’ saw him miss a ball game since becoming principal, at home as well as away. Wherever visitors would set them down would become an instant park. Timcs-Ncws writer Brian Haynes can be xtt atExt.

The judge also ordered Microsoft to quickly give other software developers the parts of Windows code that allow pro- grams to more easily interface with the operating system. It will happen in the next couple of years. The competition begins today in Boise at 11 a. She was raised In Fairfield h built this home In I Before this draft wus proposed, it should have been pre- sented to the public with guarantees that grazing, predator control, recre- ational vehicle use, etc.


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Hardly anybody elsewhere took up that Aussi favorite. Warmack said she moved three years ago from Boise to Jerome, a city she thinks is on the brink of International relations they have 17 employees working with landscaping, sprinklers and spraying.

Instead of working within the framework of our representative republic, which involves both the people and their elected offi- cials, the CUnton-Gore Administration has sprung into action using rule and reg- ulation. Contact her atby e-mail at ttuckcrCPmagiclink.

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More than one-third of seniors Al Goto George W. The bill offers a range of solutions for DNA testing after con- victions. Field day Is an annual tradition In tho East Wonatcheo elementary schools and Includes relay races and competitions. LRU y Bid corrr-areiaj on, 42 The number of partici pants is expect- ed to double to about 80 million by Food and Beverage Booths Dime l.