Abhinaya Chandrika. Front Cover. Maheswara Mahapatra QR code for Abhinaya Chandrika. Title, Abhinaya Chandrika. Author, Maheswara Mahapatra. Page from the book Abhinaya Chandrika by Maheshwar Mohapatra – Edited and Translated by Dhirendra Nath Pattnaik. Sangeeta Kaumudi and Abhinaya Chandrika were the two early works which were written during the 15th century and all other works were mostly written.

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Abhinaya Chandrika, an ancient text on Odissi, deals with the mudras and techniques of this dance form.

Abhinayaka is an ancient Indian treatise on Odissi dance. This text contains verses.

Reviving Odissi with a focus on the classical – The Hindu

The first two verses are in praise of Ganapati and Lord Jagannath. Till the 18th verse, the author gives an account of Nrutya Prasansa and then he describes the origin of Odissi dance.

The author has vividly described the Pada Mudras of the Odissi dance. According to him there are four are basic positions of the feet Stambha Pada SamapadaKumhhapada AyatamandalapadaDhanupada and Mahapada.

Reviving Odissi with a focus on the classical

The author of Abhinaya Chandrika has described only sixteen Mudras with different names. He has described twenty eight Hasta Mudras. He goes on to give abinaya detailed description of the Bandhas acrobatic poses of Bandha Nrutya.


Other things which find mention in the text are Sapta Tandava chandika Lord Shivachandrikaa of different regions, folk dances of Orissa, Bhumis, Charis, Karakshetras, Mukharagas etc. This text is most significant among the ancient treatises on the performing arts as it gives a detailed description of Tala, costume, ornaments and make-up in Odissi dance.

In fact, the costume prescribed as such in Abhinaya Chandrika is followed by the Maharis or the Devadasis of the Jagnnath Temple.

chanrdika The ornaments prescribed in the Abhinaya Chandrika are all traditional and most of them are represented in the temple sculpture of Orissa. The ornaments of the Maharis of today bear the influence of the South. The verses in the chansrika treatise of Abhinaya Chandrika say that Lord Shiva taught the ancient art of dancing to his son Lord Ganesha and Ganesha to Rambhathe gem among the Apsaras who in turn taught it to the sage Bharata Muni.

The Abhinakayka Chandrika is one of the earliest and most authentic treatises on Odissi dance. According to the scholars, the Odissi dance of today has banked heavily on this text. E-mail this Article Post a Comment. Recently Updated Articles in Indian Dances.


Abhinaya Chandrika – Maheswara Mahapatra – Google Books

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