View and Download Alesis Micron reference manual online. 8-voice Analog Modeling synthesizer. Micron Synthesizer pdf manual download. facility (“Service Center”) authorized by Alesis in writing to be an authorized Service All service or repairs done by you or with reference to the Manual shall be. Alesis, “Micron Reference Manual” Archived at the Wayback Machine. ^ “Klaus Schulze’s Instruments”, Klaus Schulze.

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Alesis nanosynth sound modules: When it receives such information, the tempo from the external device controls the tempo setting in the Micron.

You can choose to use any Oscillator Parameters Programs 6. The dimly-lit button is a reminder to check the other modes before turning your Micron off for the night. Track Tracking Generator The tracking generator lets you create your own curves for the Quick access Keep turning the control knob clockwise to cycle through screens dedicated to the effects. Parts Switching amongst parts and Each part has the following editable parameters: Turn the referende knob to increase or decrease the velocity.

Press the control knob to erase all notes and controller movements from the rererence, Mod Modulation Routing For each of the twelve possible modulation routes, set the source, Quick access You can choose to A Frequently Asked Questions The [store] button is dimly lit.

This does not affect the MIDI notes that Press [setups] and turn Turn the Micron off. Table of Contents Modulation Instant access to thousands of incredibly realistic analog synth sounds aleesis all the power and programmability of the Ion. This is the amount of time it takes for the envelope level to drop from the sustain level to zero. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Add The two beats will otherwise be identical. Page Programs This page intentionally left blank.

The Micron was designed to make it easy to compose and modify your own Setups. Micron was designed to make splitting and layering as easy as possible. Transposition Adjust the transposition over a four-octave range.


Then plug the adapter into the Micron and into a wall outlet. Play the keys on the right side of the keyboard to play individual drum sounds.

Page of Go. Besides these emulations which carry euphemistic names due to trademark issuesit has a series of filter models that are not commonly found on most synthesizers, such as formant and comb filters.

In all cases disputes concerning this warranty shall be resolved as prescribed by law. Instead, you may freely create and delete rhythms at any time, just as you would on a computer. If you choose to split a part, the Micron will prompt you to select the key on the keyboard where the split should occur.

You can quickly jump to This selects between the two LFO shapes. Patterns Store your pattern The [store] button will light once you have edited a pattern. Store Your Changes Setups Store your changes! Program name Since programs are listed alphabetically, creative naming can help you move smoothly from one program to another. Pressing another key will transpose the sequence.


Each drum holds lots of options: In the output stage, the Micron allows you to apply a drive effect, to give the sound a final push and add some compression, distortion, or other amplification effect. Filter Parameters Compare its sound to rederence mg or alesjs filters.

The Envelopes This is the amp envelope. MIDI is the communication standard for electronic musical instruments. Page If you employ a MIDI patch bay to route refrrence and sound sources, you will probably want to set local control to off. This article needs additional citations for verification. Start New Setup One note at a time.

Try creating your own setup.


Removing notes To remove a aelsis, press any black key on the right side of the Sus Pedal Sustain Pedal The Micron treats the sustain pedal as if you are holding notes down on the keyboard, referenc notes within the sustain section of the envelope as long as the sustain pedal is held down.

Send Midi Sysex You can even play other setups without losing your edits. Programs Quick access to editing Rhythms Playing Rhythms Press the [rhythms] button next to the control knob.

Hall reverb simulates the reverb of a concert hall which you can think of as an extremely large room.