On March 12, Amitakh Stanford penned a piece titled, “The New Species”. It is very brief – approximately words. As she expressively forbids reposting. Amitakh Stanford – Xee-A Twelve Rescue Quotes. Uploaded by oneironaut. This document compiles all of the references to the Rescue, True Light vs Darkness. By Amitakh Stanford Many times I have discussed how the Anunnaki Elite are cordoned off from the Earth. This was of their own doing. When they fled the Earth .

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Every particle in the universe is terrified of its death and begs for immortality. Amitakh Stanford, the Reptilians and the Vulturites. Earth is an icosahedron. Chippalone have their way you will all be destroyed, along with the Earth and the Physical universe as a whole! True Light souls are good and can be rescued from Satan and the aliens by the Divine Mother.

Amitakh Stanford

Lions and Dragons and Bears, Oh My! Amitakh and her ex-husband, Joseph Chiappalone, used to operate a proper cult here in Australia.

The Greys have co-operated with the Reptilians because they have been promised that Grey DNA and human DNA will be merged and moulded to form a new race that will emerge as the dominant race on Earth after the NWO is fully implemented. Many of these websites are assisted by the ruling elite, which have control of the internet.

Mirra of Pondicherry Lives Today. Joseph Chiappalone was convicted of the brutal ajitakh of two cult members in the late ‘s. The aliens are censoring the Internet.

  ASHCROFT 45-1279 PDF

Amitakh Stanford – RationalWiki

It has been to many places in recent years, all of which were under Reptilian control at the time. The Kitos Will Fracture. The Greys have conducted horrible experiments on humans to work with both sets of DNA.

Global Warming – Natural or Artificial. I then pulled on the lock several times, but was unable to unfreeze it.

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Ufology Living people Australians Authors. The Sun is a perfect example of a geometric illusion, because it is not what it appears to be. However, over the centuries, the Qualas have so thoroughly separated the three main powers that they do not even share a common alphabet.

Ironically, death is the very tool Darkness invented and imposed on everything in Its amtakh – the Virtual Reality – to control and enslave Its creation and all that are trapped in amitajh. However, there are times when it suits the ruling elite to put valid websites at or near the top of searches to satisfy their own ulterior motives.

Abiff’s syllable has eluded those of Darkness for 3, years, and they will not acquire it before this virtual reality collapses.

So, since she has left her new-age tripe behind, could she possibly have something intelligent to say? Males’ hunk-look is another Anunnaki influence. After it’s done explaining how aliens have been raping humans, it starts talking about other ways society is falling apart. Arguably one of the most famous articles, Nibiru and the Anunnaki is Amitakh’s version of the planet Nibiru story and the explanation of where our alien overlords came from.


The Research of Amitakh Stanford

Of course, Amitakh is in no way trying to start her own New-Age cult and accusing her of this would be ludicrous. During my marriage to Ikluk, I was subjected to his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse. Poems Dedicated to Jesus.

Adapted from Amitakh Stanford on RationalWiki. What I stanfkrd about to discuss is for people who have open minds. Spinning triangles and cubes shield the thinking particle from harm or danger. Could she have answers that mainstream politicians have overlooked?

All geometric figures contain the keys to solving the mysteries stanfors life, which is why Darkness made them so confusing. Certain dog breeds are being outlawed because fierce dogs are generally feared by the Anunnaki.

Joseph Chiappalone and Amitakh in happier times. Matter are actually ultra-microscopic particles capable of thinking for themselves.

Darkness is so frightened of Its own demise sganford even the smallest building blocks of the physical universes Matter are thoroughly saturated with the instinctive fear of death. Although the battle for world domination is primarily between the Vulturites and the Reptilians, there are several other aliens that are being stamford as pawns in this battle for Armaggedeon.

Like many other widely viewed television or cinema productions, there is an agenda underlying Desperate Housewives.