Twilight has ratings and 85 reviews. Chris said: If you lived though the King beating and its aftermath, including the Riots. You really need to re. Anna Deavere Smith. Twilight: Los Angeles, page comprehensive study guide; Features 5 chapter summaries and 5 sections of expert analysis. Actress, playwright, and performance artist Anna Deavere Smith is best known Her latest work, Twilight: Los Angeles, , a performance piece dealing with.

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For people who had witnessed police brutality first hand and yet could not find justice, this was the moment. Mark Taper Forum deaere, Los Angeles. Another weakness Twilight has is the organization of the interviews. This is the city we are living in. For most people in this book and to readers as well, the Los Angeles riots were a one of kind experience that truly showed or exposed them to the violent nature of humanity that many never experienced or even observed before.

smth The play made me think harder about the issues at hand in every state in America but really made me smiht thought into what kind of city Los Angeles is. Although the book brings in the perspectives from the other side of the equation like white police employees and government employees, it does not overcome the problems that the blacks faced. The Rodney King arrest was such a turning point.

The script for Twilight: What makes Twilight extraordinary is that it is at once an immensely valuable artifact of a particular moment in time, and a thought-provoking challenge to any complacency on the state of the US today.

The United Solo Abna Festival board awarded her with uAward for outstanding solo performer during the inaugural edition in November It is a masterpiece. It has been assigned in ethnic studies and literature classes because of the content of including different racial voices.


Still, I saw her perform pieces from this at Umich, and it was definitely stirring and emotional. Imagery is also what helps put the play under the genre of California Literature. Oct 29, Mandy rated it really liked it. Once I got to the end of the work, I started formulating my own opinions on race and diversity.

Nov 26, Pages. This play–a document of various voices of people The Rodney King arrest was such a turning point.

The furnishings are replicas of Louis XIV. Profane words are common because of the type of people Smith interviews.

If the book suffers from anything, it’s a sense that there are many many more perspectives on smity event to be explored and Smith twlight no hope of getting to them all, particularly within the constraints of a one-woman stage performance.

From acclaimed playwright Anna Deavere Smith, a captivating work of dramatic literature and a unique first-person portrait of a pivotal moment in American history: The description is very long but gives a strong idea of the type of family the Parks are.

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

Both plays are considered trailblazers in a genre that has become known as verbatim theatre. I finished reading this book twi,ight the twilihgt time news broke that a police officer had shot Terence Crutcher, an unarmed skith man whose car was having trouble. Re-reading for class, but I was happy to return to this text. I dislike books that are too one-sided because they never mention what the other side feel and what if they are in their shoes.

It’s almost impossible to classify this work into a single category, but if I was asked to try I would have to say it is most akin to a docudrama. Through these accounts, many of them harrowing and many of them heart-breaking, we begin to get a picture of the people of Los Angeles and their fraught relationship with each other and the police.


Nov 26, Pages Buy. Surprisingly, the multitude of voices is not confusing, rather she succeeds in painting a very broad and diverse tqilight of the time and place. It was shocking to me that the events of this book the ’92 riots in LA happened during my lifetime, and yet I knew so little about them.

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Twilight: Los Angeles, by Anna Deavere Smith

Stay in Touch Sign up. She wants to document on these incidence but she was to diversify her research so that, each reader would choose which side to believe.

Twilight is a culmination of interviews that Smith had with key players of the events those who were directly influenced. Apr 13, Robin J rated it it was amazing.

It is twilihgt weakness that can be well overlooked but is there anyways.

Twilight: Los Angeles (film) – Wikipedia

Twilight is really a fantastic read all around but as with any written work, it has weaknesses. For those who may not be familiar with Anna Deavere Smith’s work, she has pioneered her own style of drama, creating one-woman shows based on one-on-one interviews conducted with literally hundreds of real people.

Sometimes, however, I needed a bit more context usually character-related in order to really engage with the material. Not only does it make itself seem more real, but you also feel more connected to the person speaking.

Twilight explores those who observed, were part of, or affected by the riots, telling true stories laced with emotion, injustice, and loss.