ASRAR E HAQIQI [HAZRAT KHWAJA MOINUDDIN CHISTI] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a very old book written by the great. In this magazine one other magazine Israr-e- Haqiqi by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is also added to the reader’s response to reading many secrets of the. This book, in fact, consists of words written to Khalifa e Khaas of Hazrat Moinuddin, Hazrat Bakhtyar Kaaki Rahmatullah Alaeh, as well a renowned Sufi.

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Muhammad Yaseen rated it really liked it Jan 22, Guftagu 15 Read more. Its meaning and r are that leaving the world is the secret of all worships.

Israr E Haqiqi : MOHAMMED ABDUL HAFEEZ : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Guftagu 4 Read more. Peeran e Peer Ki Shakhsiyat Read more. The Seventh Secret The Seventh Letter The knower of Arif mystic and knower of knowledge and Haq truth Hqiqi lover of Allah and my brother Qutubuddin Oushi May Allah increase your indigence From the well-wisher after salam of love to get revelation of the opinion on the way of Marafat knowledge of Allah Dear brother to instruction necessarily ee disciple what is the purpose of Fakir mendicant and the perfect spiritual master.

Dil Darya Samandar Read more.

Full text of “Israr e Haqiqi by Moinuddin Chishti”

Piya Rang Kala Read more. As who was living since always and will live also always.

Umar the real definition of the fasting is that man should keep closed his heart from the desire and wishes of the world and religion. So from d time I have left over and made comprise with everybody. The one who did baqiqi recognize then he will not able to understand this thing. He was arrived in Delhi many times and he was left from there but he was settled down in the city of Ajmare only. In fact, all things are same.

So, in brief, he was the Hind al-Wali the Saint of India of his time in the Indian subcontinent who did many great endeavours haqoqi the preaching and propagation of Islam in Ajmare city with hopes of its expansion to other adjoining and distant territories and there was no other such personality during his time.


And for this reason, he can see in them his aim. Umar one who get the knowledge of Allah and for him there is no need to say, Allah, Allah by his tongue.

If Allah wills then he will get salvation from haqkqi of the Satan. The prophet of Allah has said as follows. Asrzr Umar told him, sir, how this knowledge of Allah which is having 14 in the slave could not say the name of the owner and his remembrance.

Arzang e Faqeer Read more. The grocery owner perhaps thought that the Sheikh was angry with him in this matter so he has haqiqj his wife to his house 11 that why he did not take goods from grocery shop on a credit basis. Then I have seen the following verse of the Quran with care and attention.

This great grace of secret of Allah which will not be given to un-efficient people of hasiqi world. So what will be the value of their prayer for this reason? There are also some great achievements mentioned in this book which is not known to the general public published in a very interesting style, so readers will find great interest and attention in this. Guftagu 10 Read more.

Tarbiat E Nafas Read more. Many thousand thirsty people of Touhid unity of God were blessed from his stream of favour.

Israr E Haqiqi

And others will say that it is not required doing worship by them. In the both worlds where ever he will see then he will find only His reality there. So as they recite this phrase by tongue and accept that but they do not know the real meaning of it.

And it is not far and which is not near. Asad Zulfiqar is currently reading it Jul 27, Ujala Cheema rated it really liked it Jan 12, So what is result of the prayer of un-reality.? So listen to them with utmost care and attention in this matter. Khwaja Ghyas Hasan Sanjari 3. Babar Ali added it May 01, And for him except with the personality of Allah he did not keep hope or fear from anybody.


The Salik mystic who will be blind in the beginning. Umar the prayer of reality is the prayer of divinity. Because giving such grace to them is like ill-treatment of the grace.

haqiq This translation of the most ancient and celebrated Persian book on Sufism will, I hope, be found useful not only for the number of students familiar with the subject at first hand but also by many readers.

If Allah will give eyes then he should see on every way His face only except this he should not see any other thing.


In the preface of the book Tadhkirtal Aliyah Muslim Saints and MysticsAttar mentions three books which he recommends for those ambitious to attain a full understanding of the 7 pronouncements of the Sufis, but in this book also, there are many revelations of the secrets which are available for the students of the tariqa of Sufism. Due to this reason, the spiritual patient 32 will get spiritual recovery completely and he will become Arif person one having an intimate knowledge of Allah.

But they wear the robe and turban and find the dress of great Sufi masters. And how they can be identified in this matter.?

Guftagu 5 Read more. One who will enter into the category of the confirmed Salik mystic persons then he will reach the position of the completion of the knowledge of Allah. Belief in a final day of judgment. So regarding the destination of heaven and lahut world lying beyond space and time he was explained him the facts and events of the above places to him.