Tagged with Sangean ATSA. Guest Post: Revisiting the Realistic DX RadioShack ad for the Realistic DX Many thanks to SWLing. SANGEAN. MODEL: ATSA. World Band Receiver. Har noe. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Page 2. 5 6. 78 9. 8. &. ・. にしの』. A good friend of mind persuaded me to get the new up and coming radio company Sangean, and the new ATSA for $ then. So, I went that route and.

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These photos were from before the dipole broke and was replaced by an end-fed wire build from the pieces of the broken dipole.

It was an amazingly reliable arrangement. Contact the site with comments or questions. Trending Price New. Got one new way back when they first came out. Results 1 to 4 of 4. I bought the first one new in and it served me well for many years and I did a few mods to it but they aren’t fireproof. Skip to main content. So, I went that route and don’t regret it one bit. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. The AM side is pretty decent, but the FM isn’t very selective.

See all 2 ahs listings.

Sangean ATSA | The SWLing Post

So weak signal handling isn’t an issue. The only flaw I was able to find was that it seemed that the previous owner had lost the screw on tip of the internal whip antenna and had placed a plastic cap on the end in its place. I had snagged myself a honey of a bargain! Being so sensitive for a portable, it picked up any noise out there. If I ever need another one I won’t hesitant buying one. Never use power supplies they will always introduce atw.


Only 9 to speak of.

As with any amplified antenna that is not a loop, this one amplified not only the signal, but the noise as well. The doublet was an audio cable with an RCA on one end and lugs on the other; I split 803 conductors all the way down to the RCA connector and it was almost the right length for a proper 31m dipole.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. That was at the bottom of a sunspot cycle by the way.

Sangean ATSA Sangean ATS Receiver

I finally got my digital receiver in the form of the Realistic DX from my parents one Christmas. I knew that it was time to finally remedy that. It’s no match for a good modern receiver but it is very stable and reliable.

Thank so much for writing about the DX—that radio has a special place in my heart. Lives next to my bed.

Sangean ATS 803a PLL Shortwave World Band Receiver Radio

But fast forward several years later. I can’t wait until winter to see what this one will do over the G3. The one I have now was from a seller on Ebay who does estate sales and knew nothing about it. That is a hard catch at since they shut off many frequencies.

That, and the 3VDC for memory with two AA batteries would only last for 6 months, then batteries tended to leak if you forgot about them. See atts for description of any imperfections.

I pondered over this for all of about 3 minutes and than quickly got into my car and headed to my local Radio Shack. With only 3 hours left, I began to get excited. After playing with it last night and this morning, I found the FM side of things isn’t that good. The usual battery connector problem and a dirty encoder were the only problems and easily fixed. If you got the early ATS Sangean radio try this mod I think you will also be pleased with the results of this simple but effective mod.


Can’t complain about the choice of tone since both able to choose bass and treble levels.

Considering it’s vintage and original price range it’s a very good unit. Thank you so much! Don’t have an instruction book for it.

ays The time now is I powered the radio on and it worked! I recall a tendedncy to overload slightly when using an Active Antenna, but that was easy to resolve and in any case, it added unnecessary complexity for a travel radio. I kept it for years then ate it to my elderly dad, who liked it for casual listening.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Twitter Digg xts. All times are GMT Anyone else have any experience with this model? I use it to listen to the airport weather beacons. No weak audio here. I have owned mine for a very very long time, maybe since it was new. This radio comes with a variety of product names, but this was the first to evolve. I wanted one from the day I saw it those many years ago, and I can say unequivocally, that it was worth the wait!

Defunked it, and cleaned the scratchy slide volume, 8003a, treble and balance controls and then added some batteries and it works like a charm.