BeBook NEO – User Manual – FEB – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. bebook neo battery replacement BeBook. The online manual doesn’t say anything about replacement, nor is a battery compartment outline. NEO HAS A WACOM TOUCH PANEL. USE THE SUPPLIED STYLUS TO OPERATE ON THE TOUCH PANEL., ro.) o. BeBook Neo. USB cabte. User Manual.

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BeBook Neo User Manual

Turn to Shortcuts view, you will find the shortcut of that application. Please use a soft cloth to wipe off the dust from the surface of the screen or cover.

Get fast answers from reviewers. W hen you switch your BeBook on, the main bookshelf page Reading eBooks is displayed with up to eight titles shown. Go forth and buy ebooks.

Other Android bebook can require a lot of complicated work for this type amnual update, but this process was very easy. Better – slightly e-book availabilty. Jung Unfortunately an app version for android is not yet available. W hen you plug off the BeBook from your computer, then the BeBook will automatic recognize the file you just paste in and you can start to enjoy your reading on the BeBook: You can now pull it out.


Find solutions online at: On the plus side the book is easy to read with it’s paper like display, and e ink. I bebooo it doesnt read the drm ones, but the drm ones I read on my laptop which is no big deal for me.

So, if I was going to buy again, between these two I would go for the Sony. You can erase the sketches displayed on screen.

bebook | eBook Reader Software

Those two formats have become the most common and are generally the standard. You can purchase eBooks for iBooks through iTunes. The third-party application developed for BeBook Neo can be executed directly in SD card or internal flash.

It has a sd reader and is not tied into any book provider. I chose the BeBook because I use a Mac and was unwilling to wrestle with the problems of dealing with the Sony.

Confusing and annoying in equal measure. Page 5 10 OTA Functionalities I f the number you want to use as a bookmark is already being used, simply press and hold the key to reset it for the current page.

T he bookshelf screen will be displayed.

Welcome Its products are developed with emphasis on innovation, design, quality, ease of use and value. W hen the bookshelf screen is displayed, press OK to open the menu.


I tend to leave the book I am reading ‘open’ so problems of page numbering and bookmarking are not bebiok issue. If the key is already being used as a By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. W hen the main bookshelf screen is displayed, press the number key to play your MP3 files.

Bebook E-READER User Manual

Cleaning Do not use chemical solvent to clean the surface of the product. Do not remove the battery when charging. When beboo, shut down unlike the Sony you end up back at the library screen rather than where you left off, so it takes much fumbling to get back to your page.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Bit pricey though another reason for 4 rather than 5 stars. However, BeBook does support the widely available Mobipocket format. W hen the page you want to bookmark is displayed, press to set the bookmark. They are easy to use neeo create.