Cours de biochimie structurale: Lipides et dérivés isopréniques, Volume 4. Front Cover. Pierre Louisot. Simep éditions, – 93 pages. Cours de biochimie. Biochimie Métabolique: Cours de Cycle de Krebs Cours de la physiologie cardiaque et lymphatique svi s5 Cours de Biochimie structurale svi s3. بسم الله . Spécialité: Biochimie structurale. Présenté par. Guillaume sur l’étude de la paraoxonase humaine hPON1 au cours du service militaire du. Pr. Eric Chabrière.

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Short exposure to oxygen and sulfide alter nitrification, denitrification, and DNRA activity in seasonally biochimmie estuarine sediments. This polarity implies a strict regulation of the targeting of components to each surface of the cell Mostov et al.

A Immunogold labeling of nascent carrier vesicles isolated from HT 5M12 cells. Regulatory aspects biochikie biotechnological molecules This expert forum will be held at the rabat faculty of medicine on Thursday, 20 December. These complexes can be a heterogeneous mixture of glycoprotein ligands but remarkably galectins can also selectively cross-link single glycoprotein species to form lectin-carbohydrate lattices Fred Brewer, Mass spectrometric biochimif of proteins from silver-stained polyacrylamide gel: The absence of a method for the systematic identification of proteins secreted by LAB, grown in complex media, prompted us to undertake this study.

Related cokrs in Web of Science Google Scholar. Because secreted proteins were precipitated in the stationary phase of culture, cell lysis cannot be excluded, but at least it was minor. Gas-liquid chromatography of the heptafluorobutyrate derivatives of the O -methyl glycosides on capillary columns: Correspondence to Guillemette Huet: Responsable de laboratoire de recherche.


Galectin-4 and sulfatides in apical membrane trafficking in enterocyte-like cells

Each of these domains contains one of the two carbohydrate recognition domains CRDs in galectin International day of stducturale biotechnology On the occasion of the 6th edition of the international day of medical biotechnology, the medbiotech laboratory will host the merck life science process solutions in an expert forum on the production of biotechnological molecules for therapeutic use.

Sergeant for her help in proteomic analysis, Dr.

Heat shock cognate kD protein hsc71 hsp Final subcellular localization was predicted using the psortb package Gardy et al. Cholesterol is required for surface transport of influenza virus hemagglutinin.

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Four proteins secreted by the strain L. Bibliographic analysis 6 ECTS. In spite of the interest in the identification of secreted proteins in LAB, few reports are available in the scientific literature Lee et al. Purification and biological properties of Escherichia coli verocytotoxin. Protease treatment demonstrated that galectin-4 was in the lumen of these vesicles that also labeled with antibodies against DPP-IV in immunoelectron microscopy.

UE de base optionnelle. Recherche en laboratoirestage structuralw 20 semaines 24 ECTS. Binding and cross-linking properties of galectins. For morphological and co-immunoprecipitation experiments, a pAb against human galectin-4 was used raised as described previously [ Nagy et al. Lactic acid bacteria LAB are known for their special nutritional requirements, being usually cultured in complex media to achieve optimal growth.


Galectin-4 and sulfatides in apical membrane trafficking in enterocyte-like cells

Derin Derin November 4, By overlay assays we could confirm that recombinant NH 2 – and COOH-terminal domains of galectin-4 bound preferentially to sulfatides substituted by 2-hydroxylated fatty acids and to a lesser extent to galactosylceramides similarly substituted.

In this way, it is known that L. Lipid analysis of total membranes and DRMs. The topics covered will cover 2 main themes: Acknowledgments We thank Dr E.

Mandel School of Dentistry, Copenhagen, Denmarkrespectively.

Structural determinants required for apical sorting of an intestinal brush-border membrane protein. The student’s comprehension of English will also be confirmed at this time. Comparative proteome analysis of secretory proteins from pathogenic and nonpathogenic Listeria species. Gels were repeated three times from independent cultures.

Functional rafts in cell membranes. Massey and Dr U. Thus, both apical cargo and apical machinery seem to depend on galectin-4 function.