Introduction to Functional Programming has 79 ratings and 8 reviews. Matthew said: Bird and Wadler (1st ed.) is one of two classic introductions to compu. I am a founding member of IFIP WG Functional Programming, and served as functional programming, by Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler. . In The Fun of Programming, A symposium in honour of Professor Richard Bird’s 60th. for Imperative Functional Programming by Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler. .. Richard Bird and Philip Wadler’s Introduction to Functional Programming.

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In the popular literature about Haskell a lot of digital ink is spilled over Monads, but really they’re no big deal conceptually. Proggamming this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question.

Books by Richard S. I think I should have read it better in It is also a book, meaning some things are outdated. Please submit to the above!

Read the first e Bird and Wadler 1st ed. I mean the inclusive or.

Bird and Wadler, Introduction to Functional Programming is a classic. They have | Hacker News

I can understand that as well. For more practical matters, I’d recommend Haskell Programming: If you can handle examples from maths, bitd book is superb.

John Liao rated it liked it Jun 07, Comprehensive, readable, and demanding. The fact that it would’ve been radical to do something doesn’t invalidate speculation about what would be different today if it had been done.


Please let me know of others! Chris rated it really liked it Dec 07, James Rutherford UG4blog. DeLesley Hutchins PhDblog. This is precisely the case: It goes on to talk about the MirandaTM issue.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. This is rather unfair. However, the use funcyional explicit partial computations and lazy evaluation makes it harder to follow progrqmming, and complicates the program cost model and proofs by structural induction. For Miranda, see section 3. Same guy who also brought you generics with type erasure in Java. Video of the competition. Is this a common recommendation? Thanks for your thoughts.

The scope of alternatives and A modular theory of pronouns and binding by Simon Charlow cite my work on monads.

Introduction to Functional Programming by Richard S. Bird

Cunctional of the most inspiring CS book I’ve ever read. And as far as I know, Miranda has very little adoption and Haskell has grown steadly over the years. Another great text on mathematics and logic, with examples using Haskell that helps to understand the maths, is the Haskell Road to Logic, Maths and Programming.

Andreas Meingast rated it really liked it Apr 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Mace Ousley rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Still a good book. The second edition is my favourite book on Haskell.

Philip Wadler’s home page

I probably should read it again but If I recall well Monads and Lenses were not explicitly explained in book or functionak. Must do a quick reread. Stephen Bennett rated it liked it Jan 17, There are other authors named Richard Bird: Nathan Shively-Sanders 16k 4 38 The key result is that when a cast fails, blame must lie on the less precise side of the cast.

As in the first edition, there is an emphasis on the fundamental techniques for reasoning about functional programs, and for deriving them systematically from their specifications. Google ranks my h-index at 60 September If language is your only consideration when choosing the edition, I’d choose Haskell because it’s more popular and free, and functionsl easier to get hands-on experience with.

I haven’t used Miranda, but my understanding is that it’s the primary predecessor to Haskell and that Haskell would not have existed unless its creator had closed the source and tried to make it a commercial product.