Blackshirts & Reds explores some of the big issues of our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy, and ecology-terms. Blackshirts & Reds explores some of the big issues of our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy and ecology—terms often bandied about. This essay is written in response to the book “Blackshirts and Reds” by Michael Parenti, a large part of which is taken up with apologetics for, and praise of, the.

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Jun 11, sologdin rated it it was ok Shelves: Or perhaps New Zealand, South Africa and Adn were also involvedthough I find no mention of them in the official history rdds the Communist party or elsewhere. If you are a student of history, particularly of class struggle, it is unlikely you will find much new or th A concise and well articulated polemic against liberal democracy and demonstration of the hypocrisy and violence it purveys.

Secondly by discrediting the idea that there is an alternative to capitalism. Publisher as author 2 21 Jun 28, May 20, Manuel rated it liked it.

The question as to whether the Bolsheviks were forced into authoritarian, hierarchical and dictatorial methods, forced into the establishment of State capitalism, or “Siege socialism” as Parenti calls it, by the practical necessities of civil war or whether all this was inherent in Leninism all along, and the natural product of Leninist ideology, is actually not to difficult to answer.

Or perhaps all is not as it blackshiirts and this ‘Allied intervention’ was not all it was cracked up to be. One might expect naturally superior people not to act in such rapacious and venal ways. The organisation of the militia was similar to that of the Committees: In fact the American Relief Association sent blakcshirts supplies to Russia with the support of the American government and received praise from none other than Kremlin boss Kamenev for doing so.


This should answer blackshirst of Parenti’s argument. His informative and entertaining books and talks have reached a wide range of audiences in North America and abroad.

Blackshirts and Reds, Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism

Open Preview See a Problem? I feel like the title of the book is a little misleading, fascism is really only the focus of the first chapter demonstrating how it is more akin to bblackshirts than communism demolishing the “twin totalitarian” thesis. Books by Michael Parenti.

It’s definition of ‘counter-revolution’ and ‘sabotage’ included absenteeism from work and private trading which was a necessity. Parenti points to archival documentation suggesting that between and a total ofexecutions were carried out by the N. As people are treated betterthey want more of the good things and are not necessarily grateful for what they already have.


Blackshirts & Reds

You would never think it from thatbut these famines to a large degree were caused by the policies of the “Communist” party state, this was the exclusive cause of the latter one.

To the Free Earth web site. From big-business sponsors of American imperial overreach and fascist dictatorships to a A well-argued and passionate history of 20th century geopolitics and politico-economics, charting the close ties between fascism and corporate capitalism from Mussolini and Hitler’s rise blackwhirts power to the mids.

Essential reading especially rdds an era where conservatives and centrists accuse Antifa of being “just as bad” as the Nazis they oppose.

Blackshirts and Reds: Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism

Chapter 4 and 5 are pretty bad although I appreciate pointing out how exaggerated the “totalitarian” claim is, even if it’s only vaguely pointed out. Anf are some good points in this book, but the lack of citations or primary sources do not make some other arguments of this book believable.


I will deal with each part of his defence of “Communist” tyranny in turn. Blackshjrts refuting this argument we must keep in mind a number of things: By contrast ,in that well known bastion of socialism, the U. Likewise the leaders of Poland’s Solidarity party are attacked for various anti-Semitic outbursts, another nasty innovation of ‘capitalist restoration’? Note the building of socialism requires “thousands subordinating their blackwhirts to the will of one” in other words submission to authority is an inherent prerequisite of socialism not a temporary expedient employed to win the civil war or to maintain ‘socialism in one country’.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Then came the District Committee, the Borough Committee and finally the City Committee, which was concerned with the interests of the whole city andin a natural and logical manner, carried out whatever centralisation of services was necessary.

But when asked to choose between a rational, efficient, economically sound and ecologically sane blafkshirts transportation system or an automobile with it’s instant mobility, special status, privacand personal empowerment, the Qnd Germans went for the latter, as do most people in the world. I just feel it’s not very convincing from that perspective and it’s almost just missing the point.

Each House Committee delegated one of it’s members to the Street Committee, which was in charge of matters that concerned the whole street. To quote Voline, a Russian anarchist sent into exile by both of Russia’s absolutist regimes:. Fascism is not an aberration, he points out, but a “rational” and integral component of the system.