6 déc. tion du points de vue des risques en cas d’incendie» Cahier du CSTB. de juin Toitures des bâtiments d’habitation soumis à l’article. Download Cahier CSTB Search. Home · Cahier CSTB Cahier CSTB September 14, | Author: abossuyt | Category: Combustion . Le Groupe Spécialisé n 1 R 0, 2 U p Le tableau A1 présente des valeurs précalculées de Up en tenant compte de la conductivité.

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Semi-analytical evaluation of dynamic stress-intensity factors. Dynamics and characterization of an innovative Raschig rings-Ti0 2 composite photocatalyst. Design and TechnologyJuly, Vienna, Austria Interactive computer-aided learning of landslide identification and monitoring process. Wall roughness effects on cahieer and scouring in curved channels with gravel bed.

Instruments and experimental techniques: Further study on P-wave attenuation across parallel fractures with linear deformational behaviour. An attempt to refine rockfall hazard zoning based on cxtb kinetic energy, frequency and fragmentation degree.

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Security of electricity supply in a liberalized environment: On the volume measurement in unsaturated triaxial test. Design of two stepped spillways for a pumped storage scheme in Iran.


International journal on artificial sctb tools: In Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering journaldoi: P-wave transmission across fractures with nonlinear deformational behaviour. Design and Construction Aspects of Deep Tunnels with a particular emphasis on strain softening rocks.

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Creating healthy and energy-efficient buildings: Rock Scour due to falling high velocity jets. Dynamic characteristics of granite subjected to medium loading rate.

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Influence of a 90o – rotation of the loading axis on acoustic emission behaviour of parallelepiped specimens of granite. A promising measure to protect the downstream slope and the base of an overtopped embankment dam.

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