My current catalogue library and my love of specialized catalogues! Postais: Portugal, Açores e Madeira supplement; Afinsa. Michel – Europa Band 4 – Sudosteuropa (/). Michel – Europa Band . PORTUGAL. AFINSA – Catalogue of Portugal, Azores & Madeira (). AFINSA . Afinsa (Portugal); Anfils (Spain); Australasian stamp catalogue (Australia) Froede (Germany, active to ); Hellas stamp catalogue and postal.

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NO annoying pop-up ads everywhere! Mon Dec 31, Catalogues, journals and reference books.

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] porgugal 0 guests. Launched April 1, All times are UTC Essential stamp reference books or catalogues to own? Essential stamp reference books or catalogues to own? Fri Sep 28, I have a copy of Scotts 6-volume set and have already managed to find several what appear to be errors. Any advice would be appreciated Sat Sep 29, Stanley Gibbons ‘Stamps of the World’ 6 volume set would be a good start. Scott I believe is more useful for US stamps.

If you decide on afijsa, then specialty books slanted to that part of the hobby is the answer.

Should you only be interested in postage stamps then your Scotts is probably the answer. Now you look for catalogues, etc, tailored potugal those areas. Anyhow, it’s a good catalog my opinion is they are very similar, except the Brits and scots Should you decide to specialize I’m not saying you have to or even should then a catalog specific to those interests would work better than a general catalog.

Portugal Stamps Catalogue 2012 New Afinsa Catalogo

To get a handle on stamp collecting, a popular title is “Fundamentals of Philately” by Williams. It talks about printing, paper, perfs, etc etc. Sun Sep 30, Then get a Stanley Gibbons. Mon Oct 01, Thu Jan 09, I just got a edition of Scott’s Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers for Christmas Since my collection mainly focuses on worldwide stamps for this time period, it is great because I can get everything I need in this single volume. I also recently received Focus on Forgeries: Member of the American Philatelic Society Sun Jan 19, I have noticed that people cut the old catalogs apart and sell them on ebay so if you want to build your own single country stamp album you can cut out the pictures from the catalog or use the scott numbers to custom print the pages.


I have seen an album or two done with graph paper on ebay by hand that I have thought to be impressive. Fri Jun 20, I easily run into some variety or error or other items that are not basic regular stamps as such and I realize that I’m stuck with these simplified catalogues with not much advantage; this happens every now and then for me, although I own the Scott volumes as well as the SG Commonwealth Simplified.

Sun Aug 10, Your worldwide catalogue should reflect your local market. For clif hiker being based in the USA, Scott is perfect. If and when he decides to specialise, the choice of catalogue would then tend to be more the “home” catalogue of the stamps he’s collecting. Fri Sep 12, Just wondering; do libraries outside the US carry the Scott’s catalogue as a reference? Thank you for the fast replies. It’s hard to think that we are so limited in this referrance area.

In Germany there is a copy listed at the German National Library Scott’s standard postage stamp catalogue I can’t find anything in libraries local to me though. I guess it’s a case of having to buy it over here if you want it.

Sat Sep 13, I live outside the city and will ask again about other reference books. I called about 3 years ago and maybe the librarian was not aware plus they might have them now.

Also the problem may well be that the books are there but in another language. Check out books from your local library before buying. My public library US participates in inter-library loan. They can get books from other libraries, including reference books.

Sometimes I can take the books home. Less common books I have to use at my library. Lately I’m borrowing books from The Smithsonian through my local library.

Some philatelic societies have book loan program members can use. Colleges and universities can also get uncommon books on loan. Sun Sep 14, Mon Sep 15, I did a little homework.

Portugal Stamps Catalogue New Afinsa Catalogo | #

So, I got on the computer They had over items listed. Many of the items have to be requested.


I live in N. The American Philatelic Society; knew about this but requires membership or a fee. Anyway, should have been a little more aggressive, thank you all. What would we do without reference books. Tue Sep 16, Members might like a record of stamp catalogues which especially relate to portugwl specific country. This list was a result of my research, and of course is not the absolute answer. Comprehensive colour catalogue of Aust. Schiffer Catalogo de Selos do Brasil Brazil. Darnel cztlogo or french version China.

Yvert et Tellier French Colonies. Yvert et Tellier Germany. Daka Forag Hong Kong. Podtugal Belyegek Katalogusa Iceland. Katalog Prango Indonesia Israel. Auckland City Stamps New Zealand. Len Drury New Zealand. Siddiqui Stamps catalogue Palestine. Afinsa Portugal Republic Of China.

List of stamp catalogues

South Africa Stamp Colour catalogue Spain. Fri Oct 03, Are the Afinsa catalogs still produced?

It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. I have several notebook scraps that I find helpful. And how to detect those alterations. Google can help you find most of the articles. Qfinsa Oct 04, Burneggroll, you add some helpful philatelic material titles. Fri Feb 20, Oops, a malfunction, got posted thrice because my browser page froze in the process Tue Mar 24, I just bought a edition of the Scott Specialised – on I think Alibris.

List of stamp catalogues

It’s an incredible resource with masses of information and clear pictures of the stamps that really help in identifying them. This period is my main interest so it’s perfect – the whole world in one volume I’m not so bothered about specific values so being out of date isn’t a problem. It’s in almost perfect condition, though it’s clearly ex library – and descibed as that. It cost a fraction of the cost of a new copy and a very modest amount for shipping.

I’ve been going around with a big smile since it arrived!