Dokument stanowi instrukcje instalacji i podstawowej obslugi programu cvs. This contains the groups public and internal files that might not necessarily be. CVS is a version control system, an important component of Source Configuration Management (SCM). Using it, you can record the history of sources files, and. This page contains archive versions of Version Management with CVS, the CVS manual; Feature Release Browse the HTML Cederqvist for CVS feature .

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Other Sources Of InformationPrevious: These days, it’s probably a stretch to call it “the Cederqvist”.

For example, when contributors add a new feature to CVS, they usually also document it in the Cederqvist. The Cederqvist manual is written in Texinfo format, which is used by the GNU project because it’s relatively easy to produce both cedeerqvist and printed output from it in Info and PostScript formats, respectively.


cederrqvist Although the Cederqvist can be used as an introduction and tutorial, it is probably most useful as a reference document. If this is the first time you’ve installed CVS on your system, you’ll have to take an extra step to make sure the manual is accessible online.

Although the files were copied into the system’s Info tree, you may still have to add a line for CVS to cecerqvist Info table of contents, the “Top” node. This will only be necessary if this is the first time CVS has been installed on your system; otherwise, the entry from previous installations should already be in the table of contents.

If you’ve added new Info documentation before, you may be familiar with the process. First figure out where the Info pages were installed.

The Cederqvist Manual – Open Source Development With CVS

If you don’t have root access, ask your system administrator to do it. Here is an excerpt from dir before the reference to CVS documentation was added: The Bison parser generator. The GNU C preprocessor. A fast scanner generator And here is the same region of dir afterwards: A fast scanner generator The format of the line is very important.


CVS – Open Source Version Control

If any of these elements are missing, the Info dir format will be corrupt, and you’ll be unable to read the Cederqvist. Once the manual is installed and referred to from the table of contents, you can read it with any Info-compatible browser. Karl Fogel wrote this book. Buy a printed copy via his homepage at red-bean.