Chushingura, the Treasury of Loyal Retainers: A Puppet Play Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character. Chūshingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers) has ratings and 24 reviews. Steve said: Kanadehon Chūshingura is a play written for the Bunraku theater. Chūshingura: (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers) by Takeda, Izumo et. al.; 10 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Forty-seven Rōnin.

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In this type of theatre, characters would commit ritual suicide, but after they stab themselves, they continue to have long speeches about how loyal they are to their retainers. Suddenly, one of Okaru’s hairpins drops to the floor and a shocked Yuranosuke quickly rolls up the scroll.

Infuriated by the interference, Moronao viciously berates the lesser lord, nearly provoking Lord Wakasanosuke to violence. It’s a great action story and the film is also quite good.

Chushingura: The Treasury of Loyal Retainers | East Asia Gateway for Linking Educators

As it stood, it was still a 3 hour play. What a great story! Unfortunately, Kampei is tricked by circumstance into believing that he has killed his own father-in-law and therefore commits chuushingura.

View a FREE sample. Reading theater, as opposed to seeing it performed as intended, is problematic – one can only appreciate certain aspects of the piece. Rikiya seriously wounds Honzo. Perhaps even implying that the Bakufu had made a mistake. After deliberating for some time and calling in the advice of leading philosophers!


Chūshingura – Wikipedia

Their ultimate sacrifice for their master is something that is held in high regard in Confucianism because they are fulfilling their responsibility to the fullest extent. The two parts were ot Chushingura Go and Chushingura Zen The couple are waylaid by the comical Sagisaki Bannai and his foolish men.

A woman places her hand in a man’s hand and indirectly suggests a tryst. Retrieved from ” https: There is a minor printing error in the edition I have, when lyal few pages in chapter 10 are out of order, but, as I say, a minor error.

Hangan, he says, is like a little fish: Hana no Maki, Yuki no Maki. Characters were at times referred to in different ways so just keeping track of everything was a little difficult. Edit, after seeing the kabuki play: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The narrator’s role is to describe the action and setting in lieu of stage directions in nearly the same manner as the narrator of an occidental novel.

Dec 14, Tom rated it really liked it. Published April by Columbia University Press first published Andrew Villwock rated it it was amazing Feb 21, treasufy Yuranosuke’s sword — the revered symbol of a samurai — is also found to be covered in rust. Copyrights Chushingura, the Treasury of Loyal Retainers: It was heavily edited, as the play is very long and would be over 10 hours if the entire thing were performed.


It is a fictionalized account of real events treasjry occurred between andand so was set much earlier. Where is this book available online?

The first original production followed in Aug 04, Leanne Ritchie rated it it was amazing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Puppet Play by Izumo Takeda.

Jul 24, Danny rated it really liked it. Because they did violate the law by killing Kira Yoshinaka. This is a short, Japanese play translated into English which is often referred to as the Forty-Seven Ronin.

Feb 27, Rage rated it really liked it Shelves: Browse all BookRags Study Guides. A Puppet Play from Amazon. Bret rated it really liked it May 14, The merchant proves himself honorable by refusing to betray confidence.


Views Read Edit View history. Traditional stories Edo period Japanese folklore Revenge in fiction. Jan 07, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: Really a fascinating play, especially since I am more familiar with the traditions of English Medieval, Renaissance, and Restoration theatre.