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OJ C New developments in the coordinated management of the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. New developments in the research into and treatment of Down’s syndrome. EU encouragement of SMEs’ technological development with financial packages. Decision on the regional LNG terminal location. Freedom of speech for Egyptian athletes. Re-use, recycling and recovery of printer toner cartridges.

Stassen to the Commission. Support for people with disabilities. Enthusiasm medcina taking part in the European project.

Establishment of Islamic extremism in Catalonia. Segregation of Roma children into special schools. EU Member States not advancing in the cosejero direction.

The end of the Presseurop project and citizen involvement. Recommendation on relevant product and service markets within the electronic communications sector. Turkish violation of the embargo on arms exports to Syria. EU ratification of Marrakesh Treaty. Mutual recognition of degrees within the European Union.

Direct Financial Support to the Palestinian Authority. Action to protect the university library of Pisa.

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Increasing accountability in direct EU support to the Afghan government. Consejego of onshore wind turbines in transboundary areas. Agea and advance CAP payments for Discrimination against Romanians in the UK. Implementation of European funds in Romania. Situation of Turkish citizens under the EU-Turkey readmission agreement.

European Neighbourhood Instrument Transparency on the memorandum of understanding between the Commission and the Bill Gates Foundation.

Health — cuts to the number of grants for doctors training to be specialists. Environmental damage to the River Cinca passing through the town of Fraga. Transport of dangerous goods by rail. Reduction of railway noise in the EU. Status and conditions of Euratom loan for the Ukraine nuclear power plant safety upgrade programme.

High-speed rail train between Barcelona consejreo Paris. Arrest of online activists in Saudi Arabia. Duplicate use of European Regional Development Fund funding. Gender equality policies and the economic crisis.

Risk of poverty after secondary education. Price fixing and monopolies in the telecommunications market. Abuse of antibiotics in intensive rearing of fattening pigs. Public consultation on copyright reform. Two-year toxicological study on genetically modified organisms. Application of the directive on cross-border healthcare.

Possible violations in Vilnius in relation to biomass power plant construction plans. Possible infringements in Vilnius in relation to plans to construct a municipal waste mechanical biological treatment installation. Integral railway infrastructure governance system in Lithuania. Licensing of railway undertakings in Lithuania and procedures for authorisation to provide the market with rolling stock. Euribor rigging and the swindling of citizens. EU contribution to costs of French military mission.

Abuse of temporary employment — secondment of contract workers by subsidiaries. Management of hazardous hospital waste in Greece.


Ireland’s exit from Economic Adjustment Programme. The big three and the natural gas market in Greece. Delays affecting tax collection in Cyprus. Extremely high cost of medicines in Cyprus. Closure of the Cooperativa Ceramiche Industriali in Livorno. Emergency in the buffalo mozzarella sector. The need to reintroduce tariffs on rice for certain Least Developed Countries. Turkey named world’s leading jailer of journalists.

Nuovi sviluppi nella gestione coordinata della lotta all’Alzheimer. Sono stati resi pubblici in questi giorni i risultati di un progetto nazionale italiano sviluppato dall’Istituto neurologico Carlo Besta di Milano con l’obiettivo di migliorare la diagnosi precoce della malattia di Alzheimer e di sviluppare un modello integrato ospedale-territorio. Secondo le statistiche, in Italia i malati di Alzheimer superano la quota di mila, mentre in Europa i malati arriveranno a milioni nelcon un costo sociale stimato di oltre miliardi di euro l’anno.

Lo studio ha prodotto un protocollo condiviso per una diagnosi precoce, in particolare nelle fasi iniziali di declino cognitivo lieve, fondata sulla ricerca di marker biochimici e genetici, sulla diagnostica per immagini e sui test di valutazione cognitivo-comportamentale. I primi risultati indicano che l’applicazione di questo percorso diagnostico-terapeutico migliora sia l’appropriatezza dell’invio dei pazienti agli specialisti da parte dei medici di famiglia, sia il loro rapporto con gli specialisti stessi.

In tale contesto la Commissione desidera richiamare l’attenzione sul fatto che il Trattato sul funzionamento dell’Unione europea stabilisce che l’organizzazione e la prestazione dei servizi sanitari e delle cure mediche, compresi i servizi medici per la diagnosi della demenza, sono di competenza degli Stati membri.

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Si tratta di un’iniziativa kozrl dagli Stati membri per mozel e consolidare le ricerche tra 27 paesi partecipanti, comprendenti Stati membri dell’UE, paesi associati e il Canada. In recent days, the results of an Italian national project have been published.

There is great variation in the services currently provided by Italian regional authorities in terms of assessment, diagnosis and management of those with the disease, making early detection of the disease difficult. The study has devised a common protocol for early diagnosis, particularly in in the initial stages of mild cognitive decline, based on looking for consejefo and genetic markers, diagnostic imaging and cognitive and behavioural tests.

The initial results show that applying this diagnostic and therapeutic approach improves the appropriateness of patient referrals to specialists by family doctors, and their relationship with specialists. The Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council COM promotes coordination among European researchers, sharing best practices and a joint approach in the fight against the disease.

In this context, the Commission would like to draw attention to the fact that the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union states that the organisation and delivery of health services and medical care, which includes medical services to diagnose dementia, falls under the responsibility of Member States.

The Partnership shares innovative solutions and best practices in kozwl such methodology for the screening and identification of pre-frail status in older patients, and also the development of research on different aspects of frailty, cognitive decline and the quality of life of frail elderly patients. Nuovi sviluppi nella ricerca e nella cura della sindrome di Down.

Colpisce circa 1 su individui. La ricerca dimostra come sia possibile ripristinare, in laboratorio, lo sviluppo di tutto il cervello affetto da sindrome di Down mediante terapia prenatale con fluoxetina.


Queste ricerche aprono ora una strada innovativa verso una possibile cura, grazie a terapie farmacologiche precoci, durante le primissime fasi dello sviluppo cerebrale. Ritiene opportuno destinare nuovi canali di finanziamento a tale settore?

The life expectancy for people with this syndrome is between 60 and They used pharmacotherapy with an antidepressant and demonstrated the possibility of using drugs to restore correct brain development in newborn individuals through the administration of fluoxetine, a widely used antidepressant. This research has opened an innovative path towards a potential cure, thanks to early pharmacotherapy during the earliest phases of brain development.

The European Union has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which sets minimum universal standards to protect a series of civil, political, social and economic rights and ensure they are respected.

In light of the above, what position will the Commission adopt with regard to this new prenatal therapy? Does it believe it would be a good idea to allocate new channels of funding to this sector?

carlos kozel libros pdf medicina – PDF Files

Mediicna a matter of policy, the Commission does not assess individual research projects that do not relate directly to its funding activities. Rapporto Unicef sulle registrazioni alla nascita: Il recente rapporto Every Natual Birth Right: L’analisi raccoglie i dati statistici in paesi e le ultime stime disponibili per paese sulla registrazione alla nascita. Tra i bambini registrati, 1 su 7 non possiede un certificato, e anche quando sono registrati, molti bambini perdono le tracce della loro registrazione e non sono in grado di fornire una documentazione che comprovi la loro nascita e la loro stessa esistenza.

I risultati sono positivi, ma i problemi che restano da risolvere prima di estendere i progetti a livello nazionale sono ancora troppi: The study brings together statistics from countries and the latest available emdicina for birth registration per country. The rate varies depending on the region, with lower levels of registration in southern Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa.

The 10 countries with the lowest rates of birth registration are: Of children who are registered, one in seven have no birth certificate, and even when they are registered, many children lose their registration and are koze, to provide any documentation proving their birth or even that they exist.

The main causes of this phenomenon are unaffordable registration fees for the poorest families, cultural barriers and fear of discrimination on grounds of civil status. In some countries, families are swallowed up by bureaucracy and red tape and often no registration document is available. Children who are not registered at birth or those without identification documents are often excluded from education, healthcare and social security.

When a child is separated from their family during a natural disaster, a conflict or because of exploitation, natuarl them consrjero made much more difficult by not having official documents.

Current systems for providing people with a civil identity based on birth registration and registers are ineffective.