Employers complete this T4A supplementary slip for: pension or to ordering slips and summaries is to use the CRA’s Web Forms application. The T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income is a form reported to the Canada Revenue Agency when filing your tax return. Learn what . If you’re a student and new to filing a tax return, you might be a little unclear on what some of the slips you’re receiving are for.

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Students can view and print forms as needed for information purposes only. Questions regarding these amounts should be directed to Student Accounts. Login error when trying to access an account e.

T4A Summary

Line — Minus: See the September 5, newsletter at bizactions. If you are an independent contractor in Ontario’s construction industry, make sure you become familiar with WSIB’s requirements. Line — Other information Enter the total from all T4A slips of any financial amounts not already included elsewhere on the T4A Summary. What does the amount on the T4A mean? If your computer is attached to a local area network LANyou should contact your LAN administrator or technical support person for support.

If you are having a problem on a personal computer, you can leave your comments or questions using the SWS feedback button located in the lower left corner.

T4A slip –

Code 66, Eligible retiring allowances; Code 67, Non-eligible retiring allowances; Code 68, Status Indian exempt income – eligible retiring allowances; and Code 69, Status Indian exempt income – non-eligible retiring allowances.


If the amount on line is more than the amount on line and you do not have to file another type of return for this accountenter the difference on line For more information, go to Filing Information Returns Electronically.

MacKinnon recommends that all support documentation supporting your decision that the person is an independent contractor should be available before CRA comes knocking. Line — Income tax deducted Enter the total of box from all T4A slips. There also is a U.

T4A – Information for payers –

The totals you report on your T4A Summary have to agree with the totals you report on your T4A slips. If there is no difference between the total deductions you reported and the amount you remitted for the year, leave lines and blank. Fill out your remittance form and present it with your payment. I can’t find what I’m looking for. This website is not associated with the business operating in Bonnyville AB.

If the amount on the T4A t4 is incorrect, students can contact Student Accounts at or at info. Enter the total amount you remitted for the year for the account number indicated in the identification area of the summary.

T4A – Information for payers

Click on image 4ta to read the chat. Two great articles you will want to read if t4z hired foreign contractors. Have each subcontractor complete your form prior to hiring them.

Enter the total from all T4A slips of any financial amounts not already included elsewhere on the T4A Summary. A link, button or video is not working. You can find the current table of graduated penalties on The Compliance page. This change was effective January 1, for the tax year. I did some searching on the CRA website. Expand all Collapse all. To change your address, do one of the following:.


Attach t4s note indicating the reason for the overpayment and whether you want us to transfer this amount to another account or another year, or refund the overpayment to you. See ” Background ” below for more on this. CYA and get it in writing that the person is self-employed people!

If you are self employed and receive any these information slips, they should be included in your income on Schedule T If you are a Personal Service Business an incorporated employee This income was previously reported in Box 28 Other Income of the T4 slip.

In a relatively recent case, the court concluded that the intent of the individual and the company must be one of the factors that is considered in determining the status of the individual.

Regardless of the filing method, Threshold 2 remitters must remit any balance due electronically or in person at their Canadian financial institution.

CRA were enforcing subcontractor reporting in You can pay in person at your financial institution in Canada. One of the answers points out that “this requirement primarily affects businesses.

It has a spelling mistake. Employee vs Independent Contractor?