Ley Reguladora de la Prestación del Aguinaldo para los Trabajadores del Sector Privado (Decreto ) Normas Reglamentarias para la Aplicación. LDO: FÓRMULA: SD X TPP ÷ DÍAS SD = SALARIO de la República Decreto Ley reguladora del Aguinaldo Artículo 1 Convenio del Congreso de la República, por el que se dictó la ley reguladora de la prestación del aguinaldo para los trabajadores del sector privado. El decreto.

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Determines that the labour contract in private sector utilities may be terminated by the approval of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs if circumstances necessitate a reduction in work.

Describes employee behaviour on which dismissal may be based s. Capital Accumulation Act No.

Emoluments determination Article Adjustment of special issues Article There are plans to extend the maternity leave from 12 weeks to 16 weeks for mothers. There are also two days mandatory, and fully paid, for the fathers. Makes provisions for an increased minimum wage for employees in dry goods stores.

Lists the circumstances in which an employer may terminate employment without permission from the Regional or Central Labour Disputes Commission s. Made under the Labour Act. Maximum emolument limit Article If you expect triplets, you get 46 weeks 24 before, 22 after. Time off before birth is not specified under law, but most women stop work a few weeks before their due date.

Ley Reguladora del Aguinaldo Sector Privado ? Decreto Nº 76-78. 30-XI-1978

Para C, sub-para C1 inserts detailed provisions on the wages readjustment, as well as a general abolition of the holiday and rest allowances granted to functionaries, public servants and employees and officers of the State, of Public Entities, of Legal Entities of Private Law decretoo of the Organisation of Local Authorities OTAas well as to permanent officials of the Armed Forces, the Hellenic Police, the Fire Brigade and the Port’s Corps.


Ordinance to amend the Ordinance [of 21 Dec. These Regulations protect the rights of employees arising from an employment contract in dscreto event of a transfer of a business or part of a business, in which they are employed, which entails a change of employer. Working mothers dwl entitled to 16 weeks of government-paid maternity leave if their child is a Singapore citizen.

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An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to reorganisation and aguinadlo resolution of corporate persons, partnership firms and individuals in a time bound manner for maximisation of value of assets of such persons, to promote entrepreneurship, availability of credit and balance the interests of all the stakeholders including alteration in the order of priority of payment of Government dues and to establish an Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

The only zguinaldo number provided by Istat is that the employment rate of mothers is 14 points lower than the employment rate of women with no kids. With five properly spaced children a person could stay off work for a decade and have a legal right to reclaim their job afterward, and, if they felt like it, they could insist on working only four days a week for another six years. Revocation of the Decree of the Minister of Manpower No.

Guyana – Wages – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

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The purpose of these Regulations is to prescribe revised forms and certificates to be used in connection with the submission of claims under Section 6 of the Protection of Employees Employers’ Insolvency Acts, to Guinea – Wages – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Caregivers of the elderly 6.

Indonesia – Seguridad del empleo – Ley. An Act to make provision, consequent on the conclusion of the ten-year framework social partnership agreement known as ‘Towards ‘, for the establishment of a Redundancy Panel and the reference to it of certain proposed collective redundancies and for related action by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, including the obtaining from the Labour Court of opinions on the nature of proposed collective redundancies; to remove the upper age limit for entitlement to redundancy payments; to make consequential amendments of the Protection Of Employment Actthe Redundancy Payments Actthe Redundancy Payments Actthe Redundancy Payments Actthe Unfair Dismissals Act and the Employment Equality Act ; and to make further amendments of those acts to update penalties and for purposes of statute-law revision.


Sections – Establishes the Grievance Review Committee, sets out its composition, functions and tenure of office of members. Indonesia – Seguridad del empleo – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Decree of the minister of manpower concerning the settlement of labour dismissal and the stipulation of severance pay, gratuity and compensations in companies No. Labour Amendment Act no.

Parental leave pay is at sick-leave level for of the total days. Amends the schedule to the Minimum Wages Employees at Petrol Filling Stations Order concerning the increase of the minimum rate of wages per week for different categories of employees in this industry. Depending on your income, you receive an allowance from the tax deel if your child goes to registered childcare.

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You will get the same salary as always. Revokes Labour Minister Regulations Nos. Many companies offer none. The proposal was a landmark: