Steve Carell has signed on to star in the drama Dogs of Babel. Screenwriter Jamie Linden (Dear John) adapted the script from the novel by. Writer-director Jamie Linden talks about his new movie 10 Years as well as The Flight Before Christmas, The Testament, Dogs of Babel, and. The Dogs of Babel, a film to be directed by Dear John and Money Monster writer Jamie Linden, starts filming in June in New York. The motion.

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Funny enough, Todd Phillips was once attached to the project. We developed all the storylines with the actors, and some of them were naturally more dramatic than others were, and there was a concern about tone and if it would feel like these people were in the same movie.

I wanted a chance to work with them, so I wrote parts for them specifically. They were all staying in the same hotel, lineen it was the hotel that we were shooting in.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jamie Linden

So, I thought I would see what it would be like, on the other side. You must be logged in to post a comment. Honestly, I came out of doing this, saying I would never do it again. The only witness is the family dog, whom the professor tries to teach to communicate. But, I found it interesting, just purely on a sociological and anthropological level.

Steve Carell to Star in DOGS OF BABEL | Collider

The next thing Linden does is highlight a history of canine intelligence through a series of voiceovers dictated by Paul’s research. What are the added challenges, in doing a lindrn film that the studio will presumably want people to return to, year after year? You just want to keep challenging yourself and trying something new.

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He decided that this was an omen that he should stay in Hollywood and worked reading feature film screenplays.

We grew up in Orlando, Bqbel, as far away from this business as you could be. Learn more More Like This. The Tracking Board Hollywood’s premiere source for insider news and exclusives, tracking, analysis and coverage on all things film, television and entertainment. Hollywood’s premiere source for insider news and exclusives, tracking, analysis and coverage on all things film, television and entertainment.

But, it really started with Channing. Home to the most robust spec market tracking, in development coverage, annual best lists, reviews, reports, opinions and daily news as it happens.

It was hard to tell what was going on and I was terrified that the ending would be explained away in a big copout. Although he wrote his first script inhe was not successful in this career until two years later. All signs point to it being an accident. The challenge, and also what I like most about a big ensemble movie, is that all actors have completely different processes and all of them prefer scenes to be done a different way.

Share This 0 0 0 0 0. Lionsgate International is handling international sales on this title.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jamie Linden

Boy in the Mirror. All they had when they brought it to me was the title, The Flight Before Christmas. Tracking Hollywood so you don’t have to.


Mandate president Nathan Kahane will executive produce. We are thrilled to now be working with Steve, who shares our passion for the story. Did it start with going to your own reunion?

Jamie Linden is juggling his professional life with parenthood as he has recently become a father. We have really taken our time to find the right hero for this story. Did it make you more confident and comfortable to be surrounded by so many actors that you were friends with? But then, when I got into post-production, I loved post-production so much. I have a great production designer, who was our production designer on Dear Johnso I left it to her.

To some regard, I wanted to just hang out and joke around, like I would normally, but I had to try to find the movie to shoot. Not many dads make playlists of supremely classic None of it is original, as far as settings go, but it really was just an excuse for us to try to do something real that, because it feels real, hopefully has a modicum of originality to it. See writer and producer. Was there a specific character or storyline that the film started with, or did it all develop organically from working with the actors?