12AU7 Amperex / Philips / Philips Miniwatt Holland PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – MATCHED PAIR – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 (labelled IEC) lively midrange. ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn. Made in England, Gf2 B0B3 codes, ECC82_12AU7_Philips. Ribbed plates, ring getter halo, one side hole.

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Previous Page Next Page Home. Mullard Quad 4x 12at7 Ecc81 Tubes – 1. Some shield logo types, some are the old white label pre- shield logo version.

It has a rugged cathode and should be long lived, similar to the It was used in so many different types of equipment that the vintage versions of this tube are still available without too much searching. The tube of choice for classical, jazz, male vocals, and choral music. New Old Stock whitebox.

Philips 12AU7/ ECC82 Vintage Tube

Thanks for being in the business you are in, and running it the way that you do. Phhilips tracer matching is an additional special request item and is charged in addition to the listed price of the single or matched pair tubes on this page. Show More Show Less. Very well made, super-low noise tubes. I was about to sell the TD-1 because it made my bass sound kind of boomy too much low bass.

The best of the best!! I am listening to the 12AU7 Mazda triple mica.

Of course, any time you need a large quantity of tubes of any type, is is a good idea to email us for a stock check first. The muddiness is gone and ecc28 high end really sparkles. The heater life is rated at 10, hours, and some have gold pins.


ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn | – Tube Amplifiers & NOS Tubes

These are the old style 2 mica from the s. Probably one of the top three rarest and finest 12AU7 tubes ever made.

This indicates exhaustive after-market testing for low noise, uniform output, freedom from microphonics or physical defects, long heater life, and even, uniform cathode emission.

WA s French military tubes.

However, it’s specs are similar enough to a 12AU7 that audiophiles ecc28 grabbing them up while the prices are still reasonable. New Old Stock in white box.

Tube Classics – Philips Audio Tubes

Mullard Pair 2x 12at7 Ecc81 Tubes. Getting hard to find. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

You may never go back to a standard 12AU7 after you hear these! These have the very rare top windmill shaped getter, which may contribute to the low microphonics and excellent phi,ips of this tube. RCA’s are the creamiest. There is also a version made at the Amperex factory in Hicksville, NY, which is ;hilips priced lower but looks the same and sounds very similar to the Holland version.

I am really thrilled by the results which are outstandingit is so much more analogic than the original electro harmonix tube.


Thank’s for a really good quality tubeI will probably order a few more in a couple of weeks. These make impressive upgrades to the standard 12AU7! New Old Stock, many in original Box.

Nearly identical in sonics and quality to the equally rare Telefunken version. So if you can’t find the tubes here in this web, ask Koray.

They are very pleasant, clean, and musical to listen to in hi-fi applications. Amperex and Mullard have tiny date codes etched in the glass near the bottom of the tube. The most accurate method to test tubes, the curve plots can actually be compared to the printed examples for each ecv82 type that appear in the manufacturer technical data sheets and books.


Evc82 old Tesla tubes with the yellow Czechoslovakia label. I could never have imagined that upgrading the stock tubes would have such a definitive improvement along the entire frequency spectrum. Compare to the Russian and Chinese 12AU7 crap tubes and you will never go back! Matched pair and quads available. Only made from to aboutthe were the best Amperex 12AX7 the average consumer could get at the time. And the tube has only 5 to 6 hours.

Watch for the very rare long plate versions from the ohilips available in most European brands. Blackplate quality at a bargain price Rcc82 of these fine tubes just in stock! Ranked on par with the European brands! I’m back for another pair before they sell out! New old stock, original and white Box. Low noise industrial stock, hard to find. These are the large halo getter date coded originals from Holland. The most popular Amperex are the Holland made Bugle Boy series, with the tiny cartoon tube blowing a bugle on the label.

Like a warm British jacket of the finest tweed, these glorious tubes have an attractive sweet warmth in their midrange and lower regions.