Energy-Karezza has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. Dr. Bass describes the 3 stages of sex, and shows why standard sex (that most Americans practice), is only th. You recently wrote the book “Energy-Karezza – How to Make Every Wife In Natural Hygiene, doctors (many of them MDs) advocated Karezza already in the . Karezza encourages sexual partners to be as relaxed as possible, and to take deep breaths to relax when feelings of intense energy surge.

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NormaCenva marked it as to-read Jan 16, During a lengthy period of perfect control, the whole being of each is merged into the other, and an exquisite exaltation experienced.

Your heart rate increases; you perspire. When having sex, you should not only consider your needs but the needs of your partner. Those are quite different from the peaceful approach of karezza.

Lloyd wrote that Karezza leads to complete dissipation kkarezza congestion, complete discharge of nervous kzrezza, complete relief from sexual tension, and more complete satisfaction than orgasm. Does Orgasm Give You a Hangover? This can be done in different ways, such as in meditation, guided imagery, and deliberate acts of loving kindness. Certainly, we have done a lot more giggling and enjoyed a lot more harmony. In standard sex, after the peak orgasm, the lust is over. You may believe that you will feel more frustrated the longer you avoid orgasm.

How to perform Karezza. It seems too non-goal-oriented and relaxed. Thank you for this really interesting post. Peace Between the Sheets Topics. The man doesn’t eenergy the feeling of the woman. The outcome is not in our control. If the energy begins to build into goal-oriented sensations, we enrgy relax back into stillness.


What Is Karezza?

Very slowly we got to having intercourse sideways and it was amazing—lots of wetness to make it easy, and lots of control so no frenzy by either.

Karezza is a spiritual way of making love; basically it is a love meditation. It also takes a lot of practice to make it work right, and the couple wishing to practice Karezza should be patient. Initially Karezza therefore feels all wrong. Focus less on asking yourself what you did wrong and more on the relationship itself. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This has many personal and kaeezza benefits but at present it has also the potential of transforming our society from a crumbling capitalist system based on greed to a new world order based on compassion and cooperation.

Karezza encourages sexual partners to be as relaxed as possible, and to take deep breaths to relax when feelings of intense energy surge. akrezza

Energy-Karezza by Bass, Stanley S

Sometimes kkarezza make a conscious effort to diffuse the sexual energy from our genitals throughout our bodies by tightening the muscles of our pelvic floor and breathing the energy up. Sex is the greatest psychotherapy of all. Stockham, MD and J. We opted for a fixed three-week program, the Exchangesa series of sensual, lighthearted activities for adults.

Even so, it was extremely easy to escalate into good old, familiar sex as we added intercourse to our nightly affection. Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover? Want to Read saving…. Books by Stanley S.


How Does Karezza Work?

I guess it was the oxytocin, the cuddle hormone. I have experienced great feelings of well-being after non-orgasmic sex enegry long periods of time. Sean Barry marked it as to-read Oct 05, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Before you jump into the sheets on a whim, it’s important to figure…. Instead its effects are cumulative. This, in fact, was Karezza’s chief distinction from Male Continence, the Oneida practice that Bass actually emphasizes enerby this book.

Energy-Karezza by Stanley S. Bass

This helps stave off habituation. When we next have intercourse it is easier to stay in the tranquil mindset ideal for Karezza. One could make it a point to stick to a pre-agreed list of bonding behaviors —and engage in them daily for a few minutes, or more, using a generous mindset.

Karezza is very different than most types of traditional sexual intercourse methods. During lovemaking, the emphasis is on stillness and heart-centered feelings. Pavel Litos marked it as to-read Feb 25, This is because technique is virtually immaterial.

Angel Coleman rated it liked it Jan 15, Then slowly we inched toward nuzzling in the genital area. Expressed in spiritual language, to build a new society based on compassion and cooperation we need to open the heart center of our energy bodies. You might even feel frustrated while trying to avoid orgasm.