XXVII. SALVINIACEAE Family published in Volume I Description of the family (pdf ) Acepted genera of the family SALVINIACEAE. Salvinia Nomenclature. Class – Polypodiopsida Cronquist & al. Subclassis – Polypodiidae Cronquist & al. Ordo – Salviniales Bartl. Familia – Salviniaceae Martinov Genus – Salvinia Ség. Familia – Salviniaceae Martinov Genus – Salvinia Ség. Heterotypic synonyms: Salvinia rotundifolia Willd. Maps: distribution. Occurrence: [aFe aGe Hs aSu].

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Common Salvinia – is not native to North Famlia and it is illegal to possess or transport this species in Texas. And so too a family that will most likely come together after the passing of each crisis. But the one in the picture is from a little dew pond in my yard captured long ago. Las hojas de a 3: Salvinia natans by Nelleke C. Salvinia minima Baker – Order: Puede reproducirse asexualmente por gajos.

Salvinia molesta by John Forlonge. Floating water fern, kleine vlotvaren.

Biology pages with wikidata link; Taxon galleries; Navigation menu. Drop on a Salvia “Auriculata” Salviniaceae by twacar. English; Not logged in; Familia: View all All Photos Tagged salviniaceae. Algunas fuentes incluyen a Azolla en Salviniaceae, aunque suele ser colocado en su propia familia: Las salviniceas o helechos flotantes, nombre cientfico Salviniaceae son helechos acuticos con dos representantes bien definidos: It was believed to have been introduced to the United States in the ‘s.


Las hojas sumergidas tienen soros.

Salvinia molesta – Wikispecies

Sorry for the poor photo quality; zoom shot from a bridge far above. Leaves with tiny water bubbles – Salvinia natans – Salviniaceae by Monceau.

Se la encuentra en casi todas las provincias argentinas; en todas las regiones de Chile; en todo el Uruguay; en gran parte del Paraguay; en buena parte de Bolivia; y en el sur del Brasil en los estados de: Possibly the best wildlife tour in Australia. The family Azollaceae should be kept as a separate family, as the many fossil and recent species of the genus Azolla show a quite different organisation of the megapores and microsporangia in comparison with the species of Salvinia.

El gnero Salvinia se diferencia de Azolla por: Bukit Tagar, Selangor, Malaysia.

Familia salviniaceae pdf

Also visible is duckweed Lemna sp.? My dear friend, Wendy has corrected my error about this plant. Salvinia by Stephanie Lyon. Fiche taxon sur www. True to their nature, they would normally grow wild in serene places where the waters are still, floating on the water surface with the roots hanging. Fossil Aquatic Fern by Ron Wolf. Puede crecer con temperaturas frescas, con prolongadas heladas en invierno. Azolla fausse filicule – Red water fern by Laurent Echiniscus.


Ayuda a controlar el desarrollo de las algas al limitar la disponibilidad de la luz. Had no idea what this stuff was. Never would have guessed that it was a fern!

Salvinia molesta

Also saalviniaceae are duckweed larger green plants; Lemna sp.? Cyrtobagous salviniae, ha sido usado exitosamente para controlarla. Azolla forms a symbiotic relationship with a nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium, Anabaena azollae. Familia salviniaceae pdf The leaves range from 5 mm to 10mm in length.

Son utilizadas como planta ornamental. Put on a twig to shoot leaves and roots: Salviniaceae Genera 2 1: