In this article, we will explore the GNU profiling tool ‘gprof’. In this step, the gprof tool is run with the executable name and the above. What is gprof? Gprof is a profiling program which collects and arranges statistics on your programs. Write hate-mail to gnu (but don’t tell them I told you to). Table of Contents. 1. Introduction to Profiling · 2. Compiling a Program for Profiling · 3. Executing the Program · 4. gprof Command Summary · Output Options.

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You must use this option when compiling the source files you want data about, and you must also use it when linking. I could go into greater detail on any of these if necessary.

GPROF Tutorial – How to use Linux GNU GCC Profiling Tool

gny As usual in life, it is a matter of using the tool in the right way in addition to using the right tool and that involves having enough experience in order to interpret it you know, sort of like you don’t use a hammer to put a screw in a screw hole?

GPROF is not very good for what you need. Indeed, it can always get faster and that is the con and pro of higher level languages; on the one hand, you can get more done sooner but on the other hand the executable will be larger and the executable will not be as gpgof or as fast. There is an external tool called gprof2dot capable of converting the call graph from gprof into graphical form.


Anonymous March 21,4: In the second step, the binary file produced as a result of bnu above is executed so that profiling information can be generated. Antoha Gpror October 30, Cody February 27,7: The same goes the other way around too. The man page, by the way, suggests this:.

I have followups enabled so if you respond maybe I can help more.

GNU gprof – Table of Contents

Mike Dunlavey February 14,6: Also, I agree that gorof is not all that difficult. On a related note, you should also understand how to debug your C program using gdb. Gprod we see that a flat profile containing information related to only function func1 is displayed.

As a quick addendum: Why would the profiling version hang up at the end of program execution like that? Lets have a look at this text file:. Superb one keep up the good work man….

Anyway, as for why it would hang, a question and a suggestion on figuring out where its having issues:. I will be posting instruction guides, how-to, troubleshooting tips and tricks on Linux, database, hardware, security and web. The second part of the output is the textual call graph, which shows for each function who called it parent and who it called child subroutines.


GPROF Tutorial – How to use Linux GNU GCC Profiling Tool

That invocation counting is useful as opposed to getting inclusive time percent. At run-time, timing values are obtained by statistical sampling.

If you simply want to know which functions burn most of the cycles, it is stated concisely here. Well your points are also valid.

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Sampling data is saved in ‘gmon. In other words, in the hands of an experienced programmer, it is a very valuable tool for exactly what you claim it isn’t good for. The only reason I came here is I was trying to remember why gmon.

The flat profile is mainly about self time, which in gnuu large program is usually irrelevant because the real problems are mid-stack. I have been using gprof to isolate a performance issue in a large scale business application, but recent attempts to gprf this have stalled. That accuracy of measurement is important as opposed to accuracy of identifying speedup opportunities. Oh no, the world is NOT perfect and only a fool would think otherwise or think that only perfection is valuable.