Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: A Political Perspective on Culture and Terrorism. Mahmood Mamdani. Department of Anthropology and. U. MAHMOOD MAMDANI. Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: A Political Pers on Culture and Terrorism. ABSTRACT The link between Islam and terrorism became a. Mahmood Mamdani’s Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold. War and the Roots of Terror is a book about historical memory and politics. Mamdani hopes.

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Should it be held responsible for cultivating terrorist movements in Southern Africa and Central America? Mind you, not between good and bad persons, nor between criminals and civic citizens, who both happen to be Muslims, but between good Muslims and bad Muslims. The first, called “little Jihad ,” thinks of Jihad as a struggle against external enemies of Islam. It seems just to have petrified into a lifeless muuslim.

Always, the idea was to leave a few to go and tell the story, to mualim fear. Both consider the world beyond a sea of ignorance, one that needs to be redeemed. Take, for example the politics of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida, both of whom claim to be waging a Jihada just war against the enemies of Islam?

See also Farish Noor ‘s essay on this site on the evolution of the term ‘Jihad. A student of mine gave me a series of articles written by the Pakistani academic and journalist, Eqbal Ahmed, in the Karachi-based newspaper, Dawn.

After all, we are now told to distinguish between good Muslims and bad Muslims.

Transcript: Mahmood Mamdani on Good Muslim, Bad Muslim | Jul 03, |

The grand plan of the Reagan administration was two-pronged. Do you convince others of the validity of your truth or do you proceed by imposing it on them? The second, called “big Jihad ,” thinks of Jihad as more of a spiritual struggle against the self in a contaminated world.


Out of a population of goodd 15 million, a million died, another million and a half were maimed, and another five million became refugees. Some may object that I am presenting a caricature of what we read in the press. Both have a sense of mission to civilize the world.

It is the recognition that the good life cannot be lived in isolation. It was not simply that they were willing to tolerate a higher level of civilian casualties in military confrontations – what official America nowadays calls collateral damage.

After that, it seems they just conform to culture. Should official America be held responsible for napalm bombing and spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam?

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

It endows programs at universities like Harvard and Yale. Click here for Ahmed’s article explaining Jihad.

We seek friends and allies in times of danger. The new thing was that these terrorist movements specifically targeted civilians. In Southern Africa, the immediate result was a partnership between the US and apartheid South Africa, accused by the UN of perpetrating “a crime against humanity.

Each has a conviction that it possesses the truth. By doing so, we broaden the bounds of lived community, and of lived humanity. The Spectatora British weekly, carried a lead article a few weeks ago that argued that the link was not with all mamdxni Islam, but with a very literal interpretation of it.



We must not only learn to forget, we must also not forget to learn. Terrorism is not a cultural residue in modern politics.

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim by Mahmood Mamdani | : Books

Second, the Reagan administration hoped to turn a religious schism inside Islam, between minority Shia and majority Sunni, into a political schism. The Contras were not only tolerated and shielded by official America; they were actively nurtured and directly assisted, as in the mining of harbors.

Even if you should claim to know what is good for humanity, how do you proceed? It has little trace of ethnocentrism.

After all, is there not less and less mamdni of the clash of civilizations, and more and more talk of the clash inside civilizations? Culture Talk Is our world really divided into two, so that one part makes culture and the other is a prisoner of culture?

But is it really true that people’s public behavior, specifically their political behavior, can be read from their religion? Official America has a habit of not taking responsibility for its own actions. This argument was echoed widely in many circles, more recently in the New York Times.

Or, the same thing, that an Orthodox Jew is a potential terrorist and only a Reform Jew is capable of being tolerant of those who do not share his convictions? The Islamic world bwd not seen an mahmoood Jihad for centuries.