Much has been written since Capital was first published, and more recently after the demise of the Soviet Union and the consequent triumph of neoliberalism. Posts about Guglielmo Carchedi written by David Fields. “Dialectics and Temporality in Marx’s Mathematical Manuscripts” (Carchedi,. ), Guglielmo Carchedi argues that the method that Marx developed for finding.

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Librarian administrators click here. Historical Materialism Book SeriesVolume: Much has been written since Capital was first published, and more recently after the demise of the Soviet Union and the consequent triumph of neoliberalism, about the irrelevance, inconsistency, and obsoleteness of Marx.

This has been attributed to his unworkable method of inquiry. This book goes against the current.


It introduces the issues that are presently most hotly debated, it evaluates them, and it groups them into four headings, each one of them corresponding to a chapter. More Options Prices excl. He is the author of numerous articles and books in several fields of Marxist analysis and research.

Carchedi’s reflection, gugloelmo received ideas about knowledge and contemporary capitalism, evidences the fallacy of post-workerist presuppositions, re-opening the debate on knowledge, the labour process, and value theory.

The need for dialectics 2. Dialectical logic and social phenomena 3. The dialectics of individual and social phenomena 4.

Guglielmo Carchedi – Radical Political Economy

Class-analysis and the sociology of non-equilibrium 5. A dialectics of guglieelmo Formal logic and dialectical logic 7.

Induction, deduction and verification 2. Recasting the issues 2.

Abstract labour as the only source of surplus-value 3. The materiality of abstract labour 4.

The tendential fall in the average rate of profit 5. The alien rationality of homo economicus 3. The cyclical movement 3. The subprime debacle 4.


Behind the Crisis

Either Marx gutlielmo Keynes 4. Crisis-theory and theory of knowledge 2. Neither information-society nor service-society 3. Knowledge and value 7. The general intellect 8.

Monthly Review | Guglielmo Carchedi

Science, techniques and alien knowledge 9. Trans-epochal and trans-class knowledge Knowledge and transition Appendix 1. The Building Blocks of Society Appendix 2. Objective and Mental Labour-Processes Appendix 3.

All those interested in the philosophy of science, epistemology, economic theory, political economy, class analysis, crisis theory and sociology from a broader perspective of Marxist analysis.

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