Heliodisplay. Over the years, display technology has been growing, from simple CRT to plasma screen. But now display technology has. 3D Holographic Projection: Systems & Solutions Experiential customer engagement Holographic display systems since This seemingly impossible technology is trademarked by IO2 Technology under the name “heliodisplay,” and can receive input from a.

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Heliodisplay – Wikipedia

The Heliodisplay connects to a computer at least: Operating the device techonlogy not change a room’s environment, air quality or other conditions. It is mainly used for medical purposes. Are you interested in this topic.

Although demonstrations of the technology have been given, many technical aspects of the way the heliodisplay works have not been revealed to the public. The development of this distinctive technology, dubbed Heliodisplay by its developer Chad Dyner, began early this decade after Dyner decided to trade a promising career as an architect to become an inventor. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Heliodisplay only requires a standard power outlet and a video source i.

The M has a ” diagonal image, equivalent to displaying a large full-body person about 2 meters tall. Heliodisplay images appear 3D when viewed from more than a few feet away because there is no physical tecynology reference.

How Things Work: Heliodisplay

As of now, heliodisplays are used mostly in public venues or corporate situations, like museums, in advertising and publicity, shopping malls, and corporate lobbies. Though the details are kept a closely-guarded secret, Dyner was willing to provide a general description of the way the Heliodisplay works.


MX6 Qseven Development Kit i.

Heliodisplay Over the years, display technology has been growing, from simple CRT to plasma screen. The current version of the Heliodisplay projects a 22″ to 42″ depending on model diagonal image that floats above the device.

Inthe U. No moving parts are involved.

Is it heliodidplay to play games on the Heliodisplay, and do you intend to introduce games that use the input technology of the Heliodisplay? Also, just like viewing any computer monitor or TV, viewing a Heliodisplay image in direct sunlight is almost impossible.

Heliodisplay Floating Display

The exact details of its workings are unknown, pending patent applications. Nothing is added to the air so there isn’t any harmful gas or liquid emitted from the device. The result is a thin, stable sheet of fog, sandwiched between two layers of air, on which an image can be projected and even walked through. The mist is formed by a series of metal plates, and the original Heliodisplay could run for several hours on one liter of tap water.

Although the Heliodisplay uses lasers, the images are not holographic. technoloyy

Heliodisplay | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

However, IO2 has sold a few Helios to an undisclosed number of high net-worth individuals. The display can create a true 3D hologram effect when the right content is used. Displaying an image using conventional projectors requires a non-transparent medium, typically screens, walls, or even water, but air, which is transparent, cannot be used. Heliodisplay moves through a dozen metal plates and then comes out again.

Floating in midair, an image hovers above a seemingly ordinary table. We are, though, working on improving the quality and the current version, which has already delivered results superior to the previous systems.


Instead of water, a heliodisplay runs on particles already present in the air. The Heliodisplay was invented by Mr. Computers Heliodisplay Floating Display.

Currently, a disadvantage is that the screen is essentially air, so it can become distorted with too much air movement in the room. A finger or some hand-held object can act as a mouse and seemingly drag images in midair. A PC sees the Heliodisplay as a pointing device, like a mouse. Heliodisplay screens are air, and they feel dry. As the current version is not intended for serious application e.

Heliodisplay images do not flicker as you mentioned, but they do waver since images are projected into continuously moving air. Apparently, the Heliodisplay creates a particle cloud by passing the surrounding air through a heat pump, which in turn cools the air to a level below its dew point, where it condensates, and is then collected to create an artificial cloud.

Take away the screen and leave the image suspended in air, and people will feel as if they have been transported years into the future. I can walk feet. The M30 is the updated version of the M3, which fits into the current model numbering system, 30 designating the diagonal screen size.