HP Color LaserJet CP Series Printer The only warranties for HP products and .. Manually configure IPv4 TCP/IP parameters from the control panel. View and Download HP CPdn – Color LaserJet Laser Printer service manual online. Color LaserJet CP Series Printer. CPdn – Color LaserJet. HP Color LaserJet cyan print cartridge CEA CE . NOTE: In this manual, the abbreviation “PCA” stands for “printed circuit-board assembly.”.

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CC Secondary transfer T2 roller kit Internal components 3 of 5. Table Internal components 1 of 5.

Not finding what you are looking for? To specify a proxy server, enter its IPv4 address or fully-qualified domain name. See Embedded Web server on page Click the Settings tab. Support the door, and then release the door-retainer arm at the bottom of the door. Generates a page for testing the paper-handling features.

The default is 0. Insert a piece of paper to activate the top sensor.

Secondary transfer Page – Step 7: Warranty withdrawn refurbished product: ENWW Product updates This EULA does not apply if there is a separate license agreement between you and HP or its suppliers for the Software, including a license agreement in online documentation. Specify whether the target product is an IPv4 or IPv6 node. Spring – Torsion spring – Provides torsion to the cartridge lock lever.

HP Color LaserJet CP3525 Printer User Guides

Use your finger to push in on the assembly, and use a small flat blade screwdriver to align the pin on the swing gear with the hole in the chassis. The cp3525fn server does not request to renew the DHCP lease. Make sure that the spring callout 2 is correctly installed. Figure Remove the residual-toner-feed motor 6 of 7 Remove the motor. Use your finger up release the locking tab callout 8and then remove the cover.


HP Color LaserJet CP Series Printer Service Manual

Figure Remove the transfer roller 1 of 3 Use the blue lever callout 1 to lower the secondary transfer assembly. Figure Test the right- and front-door interlock switches 4 of 4 If the switches do not close, check the connectors on the DC controller PCA.

Figure Remove the front-door assembly 1 of 2 Remove two screws callout 1and then remove the front-door assembly. Table Of Contents Print-quality troubleshooting tools Sets the default language.

Figure Fusing fixing assembly 2 of 2. Product is attempting to stop printing and go offline. Cleaner – Toner cleaning cloth – Specially treated cloth for absorbing toner 1 per package – Ideal for cleaning up toner spills.

A troubleshooting flowchart helps you diagnose the root cause of the problem. CC Scanner assembly kit one scanner only Internal components 2 of 5.

HP CP3525dn – Color LaserJet Laser Printer Service Manual

Check the control-panel display for a sensor response. Install the spring on the actuator. Use this item to specify the length of time in minutes that an embedded test will be run. Table Switches and sensors for the pickup, feed, and delivery system continued Abbreviation Component SR21 MP tray media-presence sensor SR22 Duplex re-pickup sensor duplex models only Figure Motors and solenoids for the pickup, feed, and delivery system Table Motors and solenoids for the pickup, feed, and delivery system Abbreviation Component To calculate YY, subtract from the calendar year.


Provides instructions for loading and configuring trays. Configure trays The product automatically prompts you to configure a tray for type and size in the following situations: Disconnect in-line one connector callout 3and then release the wire harnesses from the guide callout 4.

Prints the available PCL fonts. Push in on the locking tab to release the retainer callout 3and then separate the retainer from the assembly. Allows you to optimize various print modes to address print quality issues. Pickup motor Before proceeding, remove the following components: If jammed paper is visible in Tray 1, clear the jam by gently pulling the paper straight out.

Two options are available: To configure the test to run continuously, select 0.

HP parts for CCA Color LaserJet cpdn printer

Insert a piece of paper to activate the optional Tray 3 media-feed sensor Figure Test the optional Tray 3 media-feed sensor Check the control-panel display for sensor response.

A list of available options displays. To go to the manufacturers websiteclick on the link below: This product was sold by a reseller. Control panel overlay TH CC Skin oils cp3525dh the roller can cause paper pickup problems.

That refers to a Firmware upgrade bp didn’t complete successfully.