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Made of Precision Precision made of light: Miniaturisation is not just a question of manufacturing ability. We have encapsulated optical catslogue and innovative know-how in just 18 mm.

The light is aimed and maximised by a micro optical assembly ctaalogue uses our patented Opti Beam technology. We construct the path of each ray emitted and optimise the position of every LED and its reflection on each angle of the reflector.

The sum of the individual rays guarantees maximum light uniformity by creating a sharp final effect with no colour flaws.

The light source is also invisible, which guarantees excellent visual well-being. Laser Blade created magic by generating a luminous circle from an invisible line.


A gem of precision that makes light an even more important design element that blends into architecture like never before and inspires new forms of expression by redefining the relationship between space, light and design.

The Blade cuts into walls to iguzzlni light from the thin, powerful groove it slips into.

Installation is rapid, simple and fast. We take immense care over every detail of the process and we design solutions that An entire wall in your hand The smallest professional wall washer in the world is an absolute masterpiece of high precision illumination. As thin as a blade, it transforms optic power into vertical precision: Technological innovation and latest generation LEDs together with material, optic and application research have allowed us to use every precious millimeter, eliminating everything superfluous.

External lighting systems – iGuzzini – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

The Wall Washer version, unique thanks to its size and performance, presents an exclusive combination of patented reflectors and optic screens that guarantee uniformity on vertical surfaces from the top to the bottom without any dark areas or scallop effects.


Available also with Tunable White to Visual comfort is its dimensioni.

Laser Blade Invisible source. Laser Blade is an icon of innovation. It has revolutionised the concept of downlight.

All iGuzzini catalogs and technical brochures

It is a linear igyzzini with a miniaturised optic that generates a circular emission with an extremely uniform and chromatic yield. Laser Blade is the result of an integrated process of different disciplines, including cagalogue science, technology, design and culture. Laser Blade is not a device but a system of continuous innovation.

It is a step forward in terms of technology, size, colour and installation The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 2. Open the catalog to page 5.

Open the catalog to page 6. Open the catalog to page 7. Open the catalog to page 8. Open the catalog to page