Publisher: A hidrocefalia de pressão normal (HPN) é uma síndrome grau de atrofia cerebral (índice de Evans >), associada a arredondamento dos cornos . [3,4,5] Evans index (EI) is one of the ventriculographic indices used. It is a ratio which compares the maximum width of the frontal horns of the lateral ventricle to . El grado de hidrocefalia se cuantifica evaluando el radio del cuerno frontal ( indice de Evans). El ancho de este se divide por el diametro intemo transverso del.

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Caldwell, Nelson; Kenyon, Scott J. We report on a single star, BD, observed as part of a large survey of objects in M31, which has the unusual radial velocity of km s Based on details of its spectrum, we find that the star is an F supergiant, with a circumstellar shell. The evolutionary status of the star could be one of a post-main-sequence close binary, a symbiotic nova, or less likely, a post-asymptotic giant branch star, which additional observations could help sort out.

Membership of the star in the Andromeda Giant Stream can explain its highly negative velocity. A novel method to predict the highest hardness of plasma sprayed coating without micro-defects. The plasma sprayed coatings are stacked by splats, which are regarded generally as the elementary units of coating. Many researchers have focused on the morphology and formation mechanism of splat.

However, a novel method to predict the highest hardness of plasma sprayed coating without micro-defects is proposed according to the nanohardness of splat in this paper.

The effectiveness of this novel method was examined by experiments. Secondly, the nanohardness of splats was evaluated by nanoindentation NHT in order to be compared with microhardness of coating measured by microhardness tester HVA. Because the indide had not micro-defects such as pores and cracks in the nanohardness evaluated nano-zone, the nanohardness of the splats can be utilized to predict the highest hardness of coating without micro-defects.

This method indicates the maximum of sprayed coating hardness and will reduce the test number to get high hardness coating for better wear resistance. Early and accurate identification or exclusion of acute appendicitis is the key to avoid the morbidity of delayed treatment for true appendicitis or unnecessary appendicectomy, respectively.

Computerized tomographic study of normal Evans index in adult Nigerians

We aim i to identify potential predictive factors for positive and negative appendicectomies; and ii to analyse the use of ultrasound scans US and computed tomography CT scans for acute appendicitis. All appendicectomies that took place at our hospital from the 1st of January to the 31st of December were retrospectively recorded.

Test results of potential predictive hidrocefzlia of acute appendicitis were recorded. Statistical analysis was performed using Fisher exact test, logistic regression analysis, sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values calculation. The other 24 patients had either nonappendicitis pathology or normal appendix. Logistic regression analysis showed statistically significant associations between appendicitis and white cell count, neutrophil count, C-reactive protein, and bilirubin.

Neutrophil count was the test jidrocefalia the highest sensitivity and negative predictive values, whereas bilirubin was the test with the highest specificity and positive indicee values PPV. No single test was sufficient to diagnose or exclude acute appendicitis by itself. Combining tests with hidrocefalja sensitivity abnormal neutrophil count, and US and CT scans and high specificity raised bilirubin may predict acute appendicitis more accurately.

Prediction of lipoprotein signal peptides in Gram- negative bacteria. A method to predict lipoprotein signal peptides in Gram- negative Eubacteria, LipoP, has evnas developed. Highest Resolution Gaspra Mosaic. This picture of asteroid Gaspra is a mosaic of two images taken by the Galileo spacecraft from a range of hidrocefaliaa, kilometers 3, mileshidrcefalia 10 minutes before closest approach on October 29, The Sun is shining from the right; phase angle is 50 degrees.

Additional images of Gaspra remain stored on Galileo’s tape recorder, awaiting playback in November. Gaspra is an irregular body with indiice about 19 x 12 x 11 kilometers 12 x 7.


The portion illuminated in this view is about 18 kilometers 11 miles from lower left to upper right. The north pole is located at upper left; Gaspra rotates counterclockwise every 7 hours. The large concavity on the lower right limb is about 6 kilometers 3. A striking feature of Gaspra’s surface is the abundance of small craters. More than craters, meters feet in diameter hidrocwfalia visible here.

The number of such small craters compared to larger ones is much greater for Gaspra than for previously studied bodies of comparable size such as the satellites of Mars. Gaspra’s evajs irregular shape suggests that the asteroid was derived from a larger body by nearly catastrophic collisions. Consistent with such a history is the prominence of groove-like linear features, believed to be related to fractures. These linear depressions, meters wide and tens of meters deep, are in two crossing groups with slightly ibdice morphology, one group wider and more pitted than the other.

Grooves had previously been seen only on Mars’s moon Phobos, but were predicted for asteroids as well. Gaspra also shows a variety of enigmatic curved depressions and ridges in the terminator region at left. The Galileo project, whose primary mission is the. Gaspra – Highest Resolution Mosaic. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available In a social network, users hold and express positive and negative attitudes e.

Those attitudes exhibit some kind of binary relationships among the users, which play an important role in social network analysis. However, some of those binary relationships are likely to be latent as the scale of social network increases.

The essence of predicting latent binary relationships have recently began to draw researchers’ attention. In this paper, we propose a machine hidrocefapia algorithm for predicting positive and dvans relationships in social networks inspired by structural balance theory and hivrocefalia status theory.

More specifically, we show that when two users in the network have fewer common neighbors, the prediction accuracy of the relationship between them deteriorates. Accordingly, in the training phase, we propose a segment-based training framework to divide the training data into two subsets according to the number of common neighbors between users, and build a prediction model for each subset based on support vector machine SVM. Moreover, to deal with large-scale social network data, we employ a sampling strategy that selects small amount of training data while maintaining high accuracy of prediction.

We compare hidrocefslia algorithm with traditional algorithms and adaptive boosting of them. Experimental results of typical data sets show that our algorithm can deal with large social networks and consistently outperforms other methods.

In a social network, users hold and express positive and negative attitudes e. This predictor was able to predict The results obtained were significantly better than those of previously developed methods.

Even though Gram-positive lipoprotein signal peptides differ hideocefalia Gram- negativesthe HMM was able to identify A genome search was carried out for 12 Gram- negative genomes and one Gram-positive genome. The results for Escherichia coli K12 were compared with new experimental data, and the predictions by hidrocefaliz HMM agree well with the experimentally verified lipoproteins. A neural network-based predictor was developed for comparison, and it gave very similar results.

LipoP is available as a Web server at www. Harnessing the genomics big data requires innovation in how fvans extract and interpret biologically relevant variants. Currently, there is no established catalog of prioritized missense variants associated with deleterious protein function phenotypes.

We report in this study, to the best of our knowledge, the first genome-wide prioritization of sequence variants with the most deleterious effect on protein function potentially deleterious variants [pDelVars] in nine vertebrate species: Genes comprising pDelVars in the highest number of examined species were identified using a Python script. Multiple genomic alignments of the selected genes were built to identify interspecies orthologous potentially deleterious variants, which we defined as the “ortho-pDelVars.

Five interspecies ortho-pDelVars were identified in three genes. These findings offer new ways to harness genomics big data by facilitating the identification of functional polymorphisms in humans and animal models and thus provide a future basis for optimization of protocols for whole genome prioritization of pDelVars and screening of orthologous sequence variants.


The approach presented here can inform various postgenomic applications such as personalized medicine and multiomics study of health interventions iatromics. Highest energy cosmic rays. Primary particles of cosmic radiation with highest energies cannot in view of their low intensity be recorded directly but for this purpose the phenomenon is used that these particles interact with nuclei in the atmosphere and give rise to what are known as extensive air showers.

Radiation intensity with an energy of 10 18 to 10 19 eV depends on the direction of incoming particles. Maximum intensity is in the direction of the centre of the nearest clustre of galaxies, minimal in the direction of the central area of our galaxy.

Negative correlation learning for customer nidice prediction: Recently, telecommunication companies have been paying more attention toward the problem of identification of customer churn behavior.

In business, it is well known for service providers that attracting new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing ones. Therefore, adopting accurate models that are able to predict customer churn can effectively help in customer retention campaigns and maximizing the profit. In this paper we will utilize an ensemble of Multilayer perceptrons MLP whose training is obtained using negative correlation learning NCL for predicting customer churn in a telecommunication company.

Experiments results confirm that NCL based MLP ensemble can achieve better generalization performance high churn rate compared with ensemble of MLP without NCL flat ensemble and other common data mining techniques used for churn analysis. Chronic stress may accelerate cellular aging. Telomeres, protective “caps” at the end of chromosomes, modulate cellular aging and may be good biomarkers for the effects of chronic stress, including that associated with acculturation.

The purpose of this analysis was to examine telomere length TL in acculturating Hispanic Mexican American women and to determine the associations among TL, acculturation, and psychological factors.

Computerized tomographic study of normal Evans index in adult Nigerians

TL was negatively moderately correlated with two variables of acculturation: Anglo orientation and greater acculturation-level scores. We combined these scores for a latent variable, acculturation, and we combined depression, stress, and discrimination scores in another latent variable, ” negative affectivity. Acculturation significantly negatively indce TL. The negative effects of acculturation on the health of Hispanic women have been previously demonstrated. Findings from this analysis suggest a link between acculturation and TL, which may indicate accelerated cellular aging associated with overall poor health outcomes.

Highest priority in Pakistan. Responding to the challenge posed by its population problem, Pakistan’s national leadership gave the highest priority to family planning in its socioeconomic development plan. In Pakistan, as elsewhere in the world, the first family planning effort originated in the private sector. The Family Planning Association of Pakistan made a evanss beginning in popularizing family planning in the country.

Some clinics were opened and some publicity and education were undertaken to emphasize the need for family limitation. It was recognized soon that the government hidroceefalia to assume the primarily indkce if family planning efforts were to be successful.

The level of support continued on the same basis during the 2nd plan,but has been raised 4-fold in the scheme of family planning.

Pakistan’s Family Planning Association continues to play vital collaborative roles in designing and pretesting of prototype publicity material, involvement of voluntary social workers, and functional research in the clinical and public relations fields.

The real breakthrough in the program came with the 3rd ed plan, High priority assigned to family planning is reflected by the total initial budget of Rs.