Intelligence in Nature has ratings and 59 reviews. Anthropologist Jeremy Narby has altered how we understand the Shamanic cultures and traditions that. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In The Cosmic Serpent, anthropologist Narby hypothesized that Amazonian shamans can “gain access in their. Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge [Jeremy Narby] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Continuing the journey begun in his.

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Maybe I just prefer the speculative lengths to which Narby goes in CS, which makes this one seem light in comparison.

These notes, then, often prove more edifying and entertaining than the text itself. Still, I would say that this book is arguably worth a read if you’re into that kind of subject. After reading this book, you may look at insects and trees differently. Oct 13, Bria Aguayo rated it liked it. Seeing as we are part of nature, and intdlligence self-evidently intelligent, should we be so surprised. The delivery of support intellignce this argument intelligencee interwoven with things I felt very unnecessary.

It also shows that the body plays a role in the reasoning process. Anthropologist Jeremy Narby has altered how we understand the Shamanic cultures and traditions that have undergone a worldwide revival in recent years. Narby presents the first in-depth anthropological study of this concept in the West.


Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry Into Knowledge by Jeremy Narby

Read it Forward Read it first. But having a good bibliography is not enough for me to recommend reading the book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Recommend it for sure, especially if you are into biology, evolution, genetics, or the spiritual mysteries. And although I do admit I enjoyed this book, I felt at times like there was something lacking in its entirety.

We can’t even guess, but we haven’t got much of a clue on the brain. Those already convinced of nature’s intelligence will likely not find any of the content surprising. So after reading a lot of books and articles, he takes the reader on trips narure various scienitists around the world and interviews them about their research.

A beautiful and easy to read book.

Intelligence in Nature

Indeed, bacteria, plants, animals, and other forms of nonhuman life display an uncanny penchant for self-deterministic decisions, patterns, and actions. Intelligence in Nature presents overwhelming illustrative evidence that independent intelligence is not unique to humanity alone.

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Narby spent several years living with the Ashaninca in the Peruvian Amazon cataloging indigenous uses of rainforest resources to help combat ecological destruction. Oct 06, Bob Mustin rated it really liked it. Because, though the scientific data has come in lately, “What may still be lacking naure Westerners is a willingness to accept the consequences of this kinship.


I love this novel as to me it represents the perfect syncretism between the world of rational knowledge and sacred knowledge. Also by Jeremy Narby. Example, one cell slime molds, thought to be obviously simplistic, are actually capable of learning how to navigate a maze.

There was a spark of wonder and even fervent curiosity in CS that I just find lacking here. Not as revelatory as The Cosmic Serpent but still an interesting read on the prevalence of intelligence in plants and animals beyond the accepted traditional scientific evaluation of Western science.

This book did not excite me the way his “The Cosmic Serpent” did, though the theme is the same: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Why should we care that shamans ni animals and plants have souls? Aug 21, Rex rated it really liked it. Sep 03, Nephyr rated it it was ok.