Baur, Jürgen (), Investmentgesetze 2. Teilband, 2nd edition Busack, Michael and Stefan Sohl (), ‘Hedgefonds in Deutschland-Ein Marktüberblick’ . 4a. the Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Finanzagentur GmbH ; the Investment Act (Investmentgesetz – InvG) and German branches of similar. the Securities Trading Act, the German Investment Act (Investmentgesetz), the Maritime Workers” (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See).

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There are different types of public investment funds a KVG may launch, in particular:. A Master-KVG is, in principle, obliged to maintain a permanent risk controlling function which is functionally and hierarchically separate from the operating units including portfolio management.

The memorandum and articles of association may stipulate a different majority and additional requirements. Any transformation of an insurance undertaking in accordance with section 1 of the German Transformation Act Umwandlungsgesetz shall be subject to approval by the Supervisory Authority.

To the extent that investmentgwsetz insurance undertakings and Pensionskassen are active in occupational retirement provision business, they must also provide information in accordance with part D section III of the Annex investmenthesetz beneficiaries who are not themselves policyholders. In respect of the restructuring measures, sections,and 2 of the Insolvency Code shall apply accordingly to contracts to use or acquire immoveable property, employment relationships and contracts, set-offs, repurchase agreements within the meaning of section b of the Commercial Code, to novation and netting agreements and to third party rights in rem, unless otherwise set forth in this Act.

BaFin – Acts – Money Laundering Act

Section 12b 3 and 4 and section 12d 2 apply accordingly. The objective of the fund must be the passive investment on behalf of investors, i. The insurance undertaking must verify this. Regulatory environment The following chart illustrates the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved 5: This shall be deemed to be the case if documentation can be furnished of a managerial position held with an insurance undertaking of comparable size and type of business for at least three years.

Objections against and actions for annulment of measures taken in accordance with sentence 2 and sentence 5 shall have no suspensive effect.

Entering the German investment market as a non-German asset manager

The KudoZ network provides a framework for translators and invetmentgesetz to assist each other with translations or explanations of terms and short phrases.

If no new appointment is made or if the Supervisor Authority also has objections to the newly appointed auditor, it shall itself appoint an auditor. For the purposes of this provision, “third parties” means institutions and persons domiciled in a member state of the European Union and falling under section 2 1 nos. If an insurance undertaking abuses of the possibility under section 2 as lead insurer to have insurance undertakings from other member states investmentgeserz the European Community or other signatories to the EEA Agreement participate in co-insurance contracts, the Supervisory Authority may give any order necessary to remedy the abuse with respect to this insurance undertaking.

In the cases of sentence 2, exercise of the voting rights may be transferred to a trustee. If the participating interest is held by legal persons or partnerships the same applies to the natural persons who have been appointed by virtue of law, the memorandum and articles of association or the partnership agreement to manage the business affairs and represent the insurance undertaking and to the personally liable partners.

  ABNT NBR 13786 PDF

This development requires transition managers who have gained their expertise in the more mature US and UK asset management markets. Agencies situated in a non-member state within the meaning of section 1 sentences 2 and 3 shall be informed that the information forwarded may be used solely for the purpose for which it was passed on.

Submit a new entry. Such approval shall be granted if the employer has ensured the ability to meet the obligation to make investmentegsetz contributions to fully cover the provisions by having furnished the surety or guarantee of a suitable credit institution or by any other suitable means.

The provisions of sections 13d to 13f of the Commercial Code relating to branches shall apply accordingly.

This typically entails that the asset manager organises his internal audit function along the lines of the applicable German rules. If pursuant to section 81b 2a the Supervisory Authority has requested a restructuring plan from the undertaking, this shall preclude the issuing of a certification within the meaning of sentence 2 no. Both suggestions are way off target, as usual.


In such cases, the insurance undertaking is not required to deduct the items set forth in sentence 1 from its own investmentgestez. If such information relates to an insurance undertaking subject to guarantee requirements pursuant to sectionit shall also inform the guarantee scheme. Managing German investment funds Structure and investment process When a German institutional investor assigns a mandate to an asset manager, during the RFP process the asset manager will usually be required to dsutschland information on the German Master-KVG it intends to cooperate with, the designated depositary bank, and which pricing model will be used.

For special AIFs which are sold exclusively to institutional investors, no formal prospectus is required. The trustee is entitled to be refunded for reasonable expenses and to remuneration for services rendered. The undertaking shall immediately report to Supervisory Authority any transactions within the meaning of subsection 1which threaten the solvency of the insurance undertaking.

Geltungsbereich | German to English | Investment / Securities

In the event that the entity subject to reporting requirements in accordance with subsection 2 above fails to obtain the required data for individual subordinated entities of the financial conglomerate, the book values attributable to the subordinated entities of the financial conglomerate in question shall be deducted from the own funds of the superordinated entity of the financial conglomerate, in accordance with the regulation pursuant to subsection 1 investmentgewetz 2.

Approval is deemed to deutschhland been refused if the Supervisory Authority has not made a decision by the end of the above period. While financial supervision is the sole responsibility of the Supervisory Authority, any supervisory function other than financial supervision is performed in cooperation with the supervisory authority of the other member state or EEA deutschlqnd.

Intra-group transactions at conglomerate level: You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them.


At the same time it has to be deutdchland that all the contractual and liability aspects of using a transition manager are properly clarified. A member state investmentbesetz EEA state where the risk is situated is. Deutscnland insurance undertaking or undertakings must ensure that the requirements set forth in section 34d 4 of the Industrial Code have been met. In all other cases, it shall begin upon conclusion of the calendar year in which the respective information was gathered.

A title obtained under sentence 1 above is enforceable by or against the individual underwriters taking part in the insurance transaction. In order to sell their expertise to German institutional and retail investors, non-German asset managers must find ways to operate in the German investment market. Section 25i 24 and 5 of the Banking Act shall apply mutatis mutandis.

The same applies to regulations pursuant to subsection 1 sentence 2 dehtschland, if they serve to delegate the authorisation to issue regulations in accordance with subsection 1 sentence 1 no. In particular, it may require the establishment of a mixed financial holding company domiciled in Germany or in another member state or EEA state, to which the provisions of this Act with regard to supplementary supervision at conglomerate level shall apply accordingly.

The Supervisory Authority may. If the comparison to be submitted to the Supervisory Authority and the trustee indicates a deviation of more than 10 percent for a certain tariff, provided the general policy conditions do not require a lower percentage, the undertaking shall examine all premiums subject to this tariff and, if the deviation may be considered to be more than just temporary, adjust them with the approval of the trustee.

The same applies for the authorisation to carry on health insurance business within the meaning of section 12 1 and an authorisation to operate in other classes of insurance.

The information relating to the equivalence of a third country shall not operate to release the obliged entities from the obligation of conducting their own risk assessment in the individual case. They are obliged to submit the data required for supplementary supervision to the entity subject to reporting requirements pursuant to subsection 2 above. Where the Investment Act applies or is applicable? This notification must contain:. Any claims arising by that date may be asserted; as regards any contributions paid in advance for future periods of insurance, these may be reclaimed only after deduction of the incurred expenses.

Subject to the prior approval of the competent authority under section 16 2the obliged entities covered by subsection 1 may, on the basis of contractual arrangements, assign third parties to implement internal controls and safeguards as described in subsection 2 and to keep records as described in section 8. The term “beneficial owner” includes, in particular:.

For the purposes of verifying the beneficial owner’s identity the obliged entity shall always satisfy itself of the veutschland of the information collected in accordance with sentence 1 above by taking risk-adequate measures.