Used JBL a Active crossovers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. I have found a jbl a crossover that is an improved version of the jbl , but the jbl a should be used with a woofer of 8 ohm instead. These were part of a speaker system that was installed in a church in the vaulted ceilings back in the 70’s. They were treated very well while they were.

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Results 1 to 11 of I have a jbl with a woofer with an impedance of 16 ohm, so I should use a jbl crossover with it.

I have found a jbl a crossover that is an improved version of the jblbut the jbl a should be used with a woofer of 8 ohm instead of 16 ohm. It’s difficult to modify the jbl s crossover to use it with a woofer of 16 ohm, like the B?


I think it is best to keep 3101aclean the switch and replace all capacitors. If you are set on replacing the for a different network.

JBL Frequency Dividing Network Crossover 3110A

Rather than hack up and modify a A, you could build new crossover network from scratch. The schematic below uses the design for the 16 ohm woofer and a new version of the a for the HF driver.

Note that this new version does not use a tapped coil. Parts express stocks is a Jantzen 0.

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So, it is the only item that will need some custom fabrication and trimming. I am pretty sure that JBL is using an Electroswitch brand rotary switch. But, without actual physical measurements I am not sure which Electroswitch switch series is being used. Now, there are some key words that must be followed when ordering this switch.

And have adjustable rotation stops. So, if the switch has more then 3 position, you can reposition some stops to limit the shafts rotation to just the required 3 positions. At the risk of being dragged out of the forum and burned at the stack I’ll make a suggestion.


You could use a matching transformer. Just a though, Nick.

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Originally Posted by Odd. Originally Posted by Baron Originally Posted by Earl K.

Never believe the impedance label on an old JBL woofer. They are known to be misleading.

Used JBL a Active crossovers for Sale |

I would actually classify the B as a 12 ohm woofer. Originally Posted by bluewow. The impedance I can measure with the MultiMeter is the same as the impedance of the woofer when the speaker is working?

Where is this network circuit? All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.