iv KURDISH GRAMMAR Some years of study and residence among the Kurds of various parts of ICurdistan —Kurmanji Kurdish— A Reference Grammar with. This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized Learning grammar, one way or another, is a necessary element of learning language. Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 4 10 Grammar / Rêziman 4 (continued) Some common prepositions and circumpositions with examples are the following: ba/nik/cem.

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Kurmanji Kurdish Download ( Pages | Free )

What are you putting into the water? However, I will buy Kurdish clothes from the bazaar.

His friends said to him: Finally, no matter what they did lit. If you go to bazaar, you can find very cheap things. Grammar 7 Continue Kurmqnji Past Continuous For conjugating a verb in past continuous tense, either transitive or intransitive verb, we prefix di- to the past stem of the verb.

My uncle is a teacher and his wife is a lawyer.

After laying some foundational building blocks, a number of lessons include texts and dialogues to help you learn everything in context. Possibility 1 with Izafe: Grammar of Kabardian Language. The reflexive xwe can only be used when it refers to the subject of the sentence it occurs in, and in this context, it must be used.


My mother cooks the best meals of the world.

I spent it well. It should be said that in the begining such claims murdish being accepted by most of the people. The above examples in the simple past tense would be: Ez bi te re me. In this sense, it geammar used to express an event or situation in the past preceding another past event or situation. The forms are the following: These texts cover a range of topics to build vocabulary and also focus on frequent use of grammar forms being taught. I did not get up early. We have a large house. There are twelve months in a year.

Common irregular verbs in the present tense: In each kurdush the sentences below the pronoun is wrong. For yielding the negative form, all other rules being the same, the negative marker ne- is prefixed, as in: Some examples are as follows: Kurdish is kurdisn French or Spanish in that the noun comes first, and then it is followed by the attribute. Why language is such an important issue? What did you do at the weekend? Comparatives and Superlatives Read the grammar section below before doing these exercises.

Kurmanji Kurdish

There are, however, two rules which are helpful for some verbs: On Saturday morning I woke up a bit late. By the end of this lesson students will be able to: I fell asleep early last night. D Conditionals The conditional is formed by using one of the words heke, ku, ger, eger, heger all meaning if at the beginning of the sentence and conjugating the verb in the present subjuntive form, as in future tense.


Exercise Change the active sentences below into passive sentences.

The oblique form varies according to the intended gender and number: We will visit them. In the example above, the head noun is masculine and singular. My father had not taken us to the shop together with himself.

Kurdish grammar

I saw two birds. This short passage has been slightly modified compared to the original work. Some examples with this form: The village river was flowing like a flood.

I ate olives, cheese and boiled eggs.

We will deal with these verbs in a different lesson, but for the time being it is important to note that the present tense prefix comes between the preverbal particle and the present stem: If you pay more money by mistake, they will return your money. This phrase is productively used with the superlative phrases. As is seen from the sample text, this form is used more frequently.