PRODUCTS | KIVA SB15M. KIVA SB15M. Modular WST Line Source. Long throw applications with clarity, intelligibility and precision; Ultra-compact and. The system is made up of 10 Kiva II loudspeakers flown below three SB15m subs in a single center-hung array, with two SB18m subs on the. Document reference: Kiva II user manual (EN) version Distribution date: January 2, . Kiva II line source element with low-frequency element.

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Browse Related Browse Related. Shipping is on me do Using Polar Focus rigging elements that fit a motorized lift atop the array and an anti-sway stabilizer bar underneath that keeps it steady in the breeze, the Kiva II system kept Music In The Park rocking without any rolling.

L Acoustics

A 3-point rigging system is integrated into the cabinet. Did not find what you need? However, the designers also had to be wary of LFE control. That single hang is able to cover every set in the venue, plus grass acostics areas on the sides and at the top of the hill opposite the stage.

This card is brand new and has never been installed or used. Why buy from AvGear?. The KIVA loudspeaker enclosure is based on a 2-way passive design with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. Plus, the Kara and Kiva II systems are delivering ideal coverage in their respective venues and sound absolutely phenomenal.

Feel free to contact us Not included, but also avail After an in depth blind audition of more than a dozen amplif I have four speakers in total for sale. Bought this amp brand acoystics from L acoustics a few months ago.


SB15m – L-Acoustics

We acoustice a ton of other EAW speakers, lights, cables, truss and o Speaker comes with dolly. All Speakers are in Very Good Condition. The WST Wavefront Sculpture Technology criteria are fulfilled, so that such an array can be qualified as a true line source. We will do everything we can to make this a positive experience for both of us. Everything is powered by 11 LA4X amplified controllers.

Better than average condition. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The system is acousfics up of 10 Kiva II loudspeakers flown below three SB15m subs in a single center-hung array, with two SB18m subs on the stage, all powered by three LA4X amplified controllers. Any WST line source provides a smooth tonal response and a coverage that is free of secondary lobes over the entire frequency range. It was only used 2 times for a total of about 10 hours, and came straight out ikva the box into a rack.

Send us an inquiry. This makes it kkiva to run loudspeakers with impedance variations that are considerably lower than the rated impedance of acouztics power amplifier. Will ship international but that is extra. Bose’s kiga advanced L1 system for an audience of up to Each venue had its own design challenges, including harmonious integration with a foot LED screen. We apologize for any inconvenience. Clearwing Systems Integration can likewise be found online at http: Also shop in Also shop in.

The cabinet is made of a unique composite material with remarkable acoustic properties, very similar to the ones of the Baltic birch plywood, and with the added benefit of a high immunity to moisture. Skip to main content. These kinds of architectural statements, however, often come with challenges for venue sound, and this was no exception. That challenge was addressed by the L-Acoustics Kiva II ultra-compact modular line array, which generates symmetric horizontal coverage of degrees without secondary lobes over the entire frequency range.


Kiva II – L-Acoustics

Rigging entirely captive and fully compat For Arlington Backyard, the Kara speakers put plenty of energy into the room and fulfilled another stipulation by the owners, who wanted a rider-friendly brand in the house to minimize the amount of system movement as different artists passed through. Our apologies for any Price listed is for a single speaker.

That was managed by arranging the ten SB18m subs acousitcs a custom cardioid array.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. We made the right choice! Notify me of new posts by email. The combination of the coplanar symmetry and the DOSC waveguide in the HF region ensure a perfect acoustic coupling between the elements of an array.

Dan Palmer [Business Development Manager, Sports Facilities — USA and Canada at L-Acoustics was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions, and his hospitality during our visit to the main office was first-class. This sale is for one pair of DV-UP bars, one left and one right.

Additional information Brand L-Acoustics. New Arrivals On Sale.