Title, La science de l’occulte dans ses grandes lignes. Volume 13 of Collection OEuvres de Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner · Volume 13 of Œuvres de Rudolf. La science de l’occulte: (par) rudolf steiner. 4e ed. francaise. Trad. de l’allemand par H. et R. Waddington. Front Cover. Rudolf Steiner. Triades, – La Science De L’occulte has 13 reviews. Paul said: starsthe first 2/3 of this book is so heavy, dry and wordy that it is a slog. the last third is w.

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He based his epistemology on Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s world view, in which ‘Thinking … is ls more and no less an organ of perception than the eye or ear. Cosmic, evolution of the world.

La Science occulte – Rudolf Steiner – Google Books

With the exception of his Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts and his Autobiography, Steiner’s important writings belong largely to his earliest work. His writing style is an old style that most may not follow the flow of, but it is good if you can persevere.

There are steineer discussion topics on this book yet. Open Preview See a Problem? The chapter on the disciplines of study and the training is very valuable, and Steiner has clearly worked hard and received the training.

Advanced Students will be pleasantly surprised. La Science De L’occulte. Our world has been created, destroyed, held in suspension, then recreated several times.

But these times are still far away. Nevertheless, these elements of humanity and the universe occulet the foundation of the sensory world. Steiner even referred to it as “an epitome of anthroposophical spiritual science.

Return to Book Page. As always, keep your bullshit filters up and active, keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out. If you are looking for a book which gets into Theosophy and other occult topics outside of Blavatsky, then this may be for you. Whereas the findings of natural science are derived from observations made through the senses, the findings of spiritual science are “occult,” inasmuch as they arise from direct observation of realities hidden to ordinary human perception.


This probably the best book by Steiner which delves into his esoteric philosophy. The more he tries to explain and rationalise his vision of 20th century “scientific occultism”, the more other-worldly and fantastic his concepts of the universe and its origins end up being.

La Science de l’occulte – Rudolf Steiner – Google Books

Don’t agree dteiner his description of the planet’s evolution etc. In the first, more philosophically oriented phase, Steiner attempted to find a synthesis between science and mysticism; his philosophical work of these years, which he termed spiritual science, sought to provide a connection between the cognitive path of Steinre philosophy and t Steiner was a philosopher, social thinker, architect, and esotericist.

Lists with This Book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To ask other readers questions about La Science De L’occulteplease sign up. Things started to fly over my head so I decided to put it down for a time, but it was refreshing to be so challenged in the subject of reading comprhension. I will finish it, someday.

On this same sphere of thought, Huxley prefers the metaphysical, Crowley leaves room for gibberish and splendour, and LaVey for fun and games.

This book covers everything from Theosophy to Atlantis to the Pleiadians. Books by Rudolf Steiner. Given his energetic involvement in practical initiatives and extensive lecturing, Rudolf Steiner had very little time to write.

Steiner starts sfeiner the Saturnian man, following evolution throught Atlantean, Lemurian, etc.

Justin rated it liked it Mar 17, Jeff rated it really liked it Sep 28, When describing such a path we must consider that the goal of knowledge and truth is the same in all ages of Earth evolution, sfience that starting points of man have been different in different ages. Though I’ll have to re-read this multiple times, it served as an intro to my interest in the occult.

Mainstream think of “occult” as being satanic. Steiner was a philosopher, social thinker, architect, and esotericist. The second book we read in teacher training. As the title suggests, this is an opus of initiation to the worldview of late great Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf school and an all-around academic DIY man of sorts. The anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner is not a theoretical system but the results of research based on direct observation.


Steine rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Aaron Neese rated it did not like it Feb 24, In saying that, I learned a lot from Steiner in this book. Written by the first true Initiate after the age of Science. Though with any book Steiner wrote, it is a very tough read and takes quite a while to get into it.

La Science De L’occulte

Because his research was so vast and conducted over such a long period of time, no single book can be said to contain the whole of his spiritual teaching. Published by Ed.

The souls whose powers of intelligence and feeling had at that time developed to a great extent as the result of former incarnations, carried over with them the fruits of this development into their incarnations during the fifth period. When I saw the Matrix, it reminded me of this book. Daniel E rated it it was amazing Aug 20, I enjoyed this book but I would find it a bit too much to read it a second time.

Quotes from An Outline of Occ The flow of the text is fluent yet predictable, and while there are some pleasant nods to Goethe and eastern philosophies, the descri As the title suggests, this is an opus of initiation to the worldview of late great Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf school and an all-around academic DIY man of sorts.

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