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Catalog Record: An index to the Lankavatara sutra (Nanjio | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The Lanka compares it to the moon in water or a flower in a mirror. For this reason, he refuses to leave this world of relativity, all his thoughts are directed towards the ignorant and suffering masses of beings, for whom he is willing to sacrifice his enjoyment of absolute reality and self-absorption samadhi-sukhabhutakotya vinivarya. Wherefore do they not discriminate the Manas?

And how is one awakened from it? Motial Banarsidasscopyright ……………………………… All Rights Reserved You can see other book extract here. How much more difference in dharma and adharma do we not see in a world of particulars which is evolved by discrimination?

The Lankavatara Sutra

Before the arrival of this sutra in China it was generally believed that there sutrz a class of people known as Icchanti who had no Buddha-nature in them and therefore who were eternally barred from attaining enlightenment. This may be understood to mean that this section is that part of the Lanka which is made up with the verses, that is to say, the verses taken from the entire text of the Lanka.


Dissect an object considered final, and it dissolves itself into airy nothingness. Jacob K rated it liked it Jul 25, Certain irregularities of the chapter-endings are to be noticed sutar this connection. For the Vijnanas may cease from evolving and performing deeds for some reason, but the Alaya ever remains itself.

The seeds grow out lankavattara them, and are deposited in the Alaya. What is the Alaya? Now is the time, Muni! From ignorance there develop the Skandhas, Dhatus, Ayatanas, with all kinds of objects accompanying, which grow out in lanksvatara triple world where we have, as we see, happiness, form, speech, and behaviour, each differentiating [infinitely].

Whence come lands, transformation, appearance, and philosophers? Alighting from the floral vehicle, he greets the Tathagata reverentially, makes him offerings, tells him who he is, and stands by the Lord. MacMillan Encyclopedia of Buddhism.

Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra

In order to enter upon the stage of self-realisation as attained by the Tathagatas, the discipline is to be pursued by thee. The Chinese scholars encountered the same difficulties centuries ago, and as in those days there was no lower or higher criticism of the sacred texts, every tradition was respected on its face value.

A Descriptive Catalog T “. The first three correspond to the two of the Three Svabhavas, Parikalpita and Paratantra, while the last two belong to the Lanksvatara.

To Assist me in this way was indeed part of the object of his third visit to this side of the Pacific. As a translator and writer on Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, he greatly helped to popularize Japanese Zen in the West. Here also was the King of the Rakshasas and the residents of Lanka, and the Lanka created by the Buddha rivaling [the real one].


In other words, Manas is the individual will to live and the principle of discrimination. They think that suzkui dharmas headed by quality and substance are produced by causes—[these are the notions] to be abandoned.

Book Extract: Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra by D.T. Suzuki

Seeing this, they abandon their dominions, palaces, wives, concubines, elephants, horses, and precious treasures, giving them all up to the Buddha and his Brotherhood. It goes without saying that these have helped immensely the present translator.

The duality of dharma and adharma thus comes into existence.

In popular minds the god is no more masculine than feminine; if anything, more feminine, because of mercy being more reality associated with eternal femininity.

Such are not to be regarded [as real] because they are appearances lakshana. Logicalness is to be transcended somewhere and somehow. The Ssutra backed by the Alaya has been the seat of desire or thirst trishnakarma, and ignorance. When the waves are stirred up in the Alaya-ocean by the wind of objectivity—so interpreted by the Manas—these seeds give a constant supply to the euzuki flow of the Vijnana-waters.

The reading may be tedious from the modern point of view as suyra main theme is not so succinctly presented, and it takes some time before the reader can get into the mood of the sutra itself.