This book provides a broad introduction to gauge field theories formulated on a space-time lattice, and in particular of QCD. It serves as a textbook for advanced . We give an introduction to lattice gauge theories with an emphasis on QCD. [2] H. J. Rothe, Lattice gauge theories: An Introduction, World Sci. Lect. Lattice gauge theories: An Introduction. H.J. Rothe (Heidelberg U.) – pages. World Phys. 43 () World Sci.

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Further information Books and review articles on “Lattice Quantum Field Theory” The review articles are collected according to the year in which they appeared.

[hep-lat/] Lattice Gauge Theory – A short Primer

The contents should be clear from the title. The selection is largely arbitrary with emphasis on articles, that are retrievable on the WWW.


Definitely it is unclomplete. In case you have suggestions for further references, please send me a mail. Computer stochastics in scalar quantum field theory; Stochastic Analysis and Applications in Physics, A.

Phase transitions in quantum chromodynamics, Rev. Lattice Gauge Fields; Phys. C38 John B.

High Energy Physics – Lattice

An introduction to lattice gauge theory and spin systems; Rev. Monte Carlo compuations in lattice gauge theories; Phys. Strong coupling and mean field methods in lattice gauge theories; Phys.

The lattice gauge theory approach to quantum chromodynamics; Rev. Wien, Anna Hasenfratz: Lattice gauge theories; Ann. Path integral method in quantum field theory; In LahoreProceedings Quarks, Gluons and Lattices; Cambridge Univ.

Quantum Fields on the Computer; World Scientific: Check this Link to Diploma and Ph. Further texts, which came to my notice include Pierre van Baal: A Course in Field Theory A.