Chilean cat or Kodkod (leopardus guigna). The Chilean cat or Kodkod is the smallest wild cat of South America and rival the Black Footed Cat (Africa) and the . Leopardus guigna is also known as the kodkod, guigna, or Chilean cat. It can be found in central and southern Chile, ChiloƩ Island of Chile, Guaitecas Island of. Image of Leopardus guigna; Map of Leopardus guigna L. guigna guigna(from in Chile and S in Argentina west of 70W) inhabits more-dense.

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Characteristics The Kodkod has a small head, large feet, and a thick tail. An adult weighs two to 2.

The coat has a base colour ranging from brownish-yellow to grey-brown. The body is decorated with dark spots, with a pale underside and a ringed tail.

The ears are black with a white spot, while leopardu dark spots on the shoulders and neck almost merge to form a series of dotted streaks.


ADW: Leopardus guigna: INFORMATION

They lelpardus tolerant of altered habitats, being found in secondary forest and shrub as well as primary forest and on the fringes of settled and cultivated areas. Ecology and behavioUr Kodkods are equally active during the day as during the night, although they only venture into open terrain under the cover of darkness.

They are excellent climbers, and easily able to climb trees more than a meter in diameter. Male Kodkods maintain exclusive territories 1.

The average litter size is one to three kittens. This species may live to be about 11 years old. All over the world, people dance in the New Year.

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