Manual de. Relaţii Internaţionale [Handbook for International Relations] The book edited by Andrei Miroiu and Radu-Sebastian Ungureanu is beyond. Content uploaded by Andrei Miroiu. Author content. Manual de relatii internationale 1 MB. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file. Manual de relatii internationale, Polirom, Iasi, .. Dincolo de paradis şi putere, Antet, Bucureşti, ; Miroiu, Andrei, Ungureanu, Radu-Sebastian, ( coord.).

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The academic trends may offer a representation of social reality, but also they can say a lot about current mentalities or even influence policy, under favorable circumstances. Key issues involved were the attitude towards the use of force, budgetary politics, economic development or the value of identity as stimulus for political behavior.

Shibbolet Login User Login. The main issues involved are the use of military force, the role of state, the explicative value of power versus identity, new views on security and the rise of various intellectual programs which put realism and rationalism under question such as constructivism and critical theory. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mihai Zodian rated it really liked it Nov 22, Last but not least Baylis et al tried to adapt the traditional perspectives, especially classic realism, to the security events seen once the Cold War ended.

Manual de Relatii Internationale by Andrei Miroiu, Radu-Sebastian Ungureanu (ed.)

Once relati Cold War ended, military force receded as importance in international relations, with the rise of unipolarity, manuql least for the short term. This paper traces the evolution of security studies and their relationship with military power, arguing that this theme deserves more scrutiny, because of theoretical and political significance.

An Introduction, Routledge, Sometimes those disciplines seemed identical, otherwise different; sometimes they were seen autonomous, other times, integrated; sometimes the focus was on military force, other times a broader view is shared… Snyder et al made a major step towards seeing old issues in new ways, including on issues like the explanatory power of concepts like the distribution of capabilities.


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Thus, even when is not directly approached, the resource allocation agenda is implicit in the discussion about capabilities and the role of the state. Norton and Company,pp.

Manual de Relatii Internationale

It is important to add that the authors rejected reformist critiques regarding the closeness between experts and political decision centers The new discipline tended, for the authors, to be defined around four issues: The Central Issues, W. Catalin added it Apr 24, Roobertoo added it May 23, Conclusions The purpose of this paper was to review the security studies literature, while pointing out the growing pluralism of this domain.

Skip to main content. More precisely, one can noticed diverging trends inside of transatlantic community regarding what is important as far as the security domain is concerned, the meaning of this term and the policies which various actors pursue2.

Want to Read saving…. The coherence of referent objects, of the public and of the instruments used in assuring security were put under scrutiny Georgiana Stamat marked it as to-read Jan 14, As the authors recognize, this bycephalism is not new, but traces its origins in the famous work authored by Keohane and Nye, Power and interdependence, published in No trivia or quizzes yet.

Valahian Journal of Historical Studies. The strategic studies specific was pointed out, consisting in the many uses which military force can have in the new strategic context, from deterrence to conterproliferation. We shall see that the ontological status of security and strategic studies is open to changes, depending on the points of view shared by various researchers. Valeria Durbailo marked it as to-read Feb 21, Strategic studies were interested, traditionally in the efficiency of force in realizing political goals, which meant research subject as nuclear deterrence and limited wars and were profoundly influenced by the American academic and political environment No common view can last for long, because opinions and interests diverge, while methods are ambiguos.


An alternative is offered by the truth regimes concept used by Michel Foucault, one of the most influential postmodernist philosophers, and extended to security studies by authors like Bradley Klein9.

Ciursas Claudiu andrei is currently reading it Jan 06, Trif added it Oct 10, On the contrary, for Baylis and Wirtz, the central notions rely on the traditional concept of strategy as a link between military means and goals influenced by politics, social and culture, while highlighting the similarity between this conception and realism, a pessimistic theory from the international relations domain, critical of notions like progress, and promoters of prudence and rationality as values Thus, the concept of security required broadening, for many authors, which meant at least studying internal determinants of policy or new threats for the author Arisela Necula added it Oct 12, Andrei Simion marked it as to-read May 23, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Thus, for Baylis and Wirtz proposals aimed at limiting the attempts to integrate strategic studies in a wider security studies domain, by pointing out the role of force and the risks posed by conceptual ambiguity implied in the broadening 35 Paul D.

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The parallel tendencies of conceptual broadening and creating a new domain were reflected in the work authored by Barry Buzan, and Lene Hansen, The Evolution of International Security Studies, published in Adriana Dumitrescu marked it as to-read Aug 03, An Introduction, Routledge,pp. The book edited by Andrei Miroiu and Radu-Sebastian Ungureanu is beyond any doubt a useful manual for the students of international relations, a fresh field of study and research in Romania.

The consequence is that the difference between 5 Ibidem, p. Silviu-Marian Miloiu Subject s: